Dances with Wolves

So it's Wolves at Molineux to start with. Our first game next season is certainly not easy. New teams do always begin well, at least at home. So I hope Zola will give our players an erly wakeupcall that day. Good to have the schedule ready though. It's a mental start of the new season! You can find it in full HERE.

Will Jimenez and Mancini join us today?? It certainly looks so. And even if I just vaguely remember to have seen Jimenez I'm full of confidencvce that the two can fill gaps in our team and develop our team "the new Zola style". Jimenez can be the offensive force in thge central midfield and find the last passes to the strikers we've missed this year. Well, for many years now. Hope he stays fit, as he has had some troubles during the years. Read more about him in Trilbys good blog HERE.
 Mancini is class and can do well in PL, at least if Zola can get him to play for the shirt. And mentally shows that he still has to prove his ability.

Jimenez and Mancini! Last year we were about to get Ben Thatcher!


Good luck... not

Kyel Reid has signed for.... Sheffield United. Gosh, I really wanted to wish this guy good luck. But now it's impossible.
So: Nine games for West Ham and one goal. Seems to be able to cross the ball, but not strong enough to take his chances with us in the first team. Played pretty well with Wolves (on loan last term) and scored the crucial winner to make them a PL team again. So I thought McCarthy would sign our Academy winger. Now Sheffield United seems to have instead. Let's hope Dux has put up a trap in the contract. Worth five millions at least. To us....


New owner!

According to the official site, our club has just been sold!
Read HERE.
Our new non-executive chairman Andrew Bernhardt - a senior bankman - means that this is a long-term commitment and that he will give Zola and Nani funds to invest in a "sensible" way. What that means only Bernhardt knows, but at least it will get us stability for now. But as - if I get it right - the Icelandic Government still has everything to say about CB Holding/Straumur Burdaras future. And if Straumar is close to bancrupty themselves, where will they get money to invest. It may be another bubble who bursts in the end. What differs from all the bankers lending poor people money that you don't have in the first place, but do expect to earn another day? Just the new/old Capitalism I guess.
Very well. Maybe Barack Obama will be our saviour in the end as well???

We do start this new journey with a picture of Andrew. Doesn't he remind you a bit of Winterburn??
More reactions from Bubbleview to follow.


Bye Bye Neill.

Reading the news on the official site today it's easy to say: Bye, bye Lucas Neill. Thanks for what you did. But even if you had a strong spell this last months I can't say I'll miss you. At least not as a player. Let's see who'll be our new RB. Hope they find a right sided Ilunga!

WHUFC also confirm - more or less - that we will not see Di Michele, Tristan, Walter Lopez, Lee Bowyer, Kyel Reid or Jimmy Walker in our dress again. I guess few fans feel despair....

I'm a bit more surprised that West Ham will let the young Ashley Miller ('89) go as he just arrived home from Hong Kong, playin for us there. Other youngsters the will let go is the forward Jack Jeffrey (seemed good at the beginning but have not been able to take the last step), the midfielder Tom Harvey ('90) and the young Northern Irish defender Ryan O'Neill (born 90 played some games for the Reserves too). Well, you can't have them all, and defenders are pretty good here as Spence, N'Gala, Eylofsson, Edgar and even younger Sanchez are even bigger prospects.

AS we all already know Lastuvka has left, but the Hungarian keeper Peter Kurucz - who has been on loan with us - has signed a permenant contract. He is 21 so he and Marelk Stech may be enough cover for Green (supposed he sign a new contract with us). We do also have the even younger keepers Street and Mehmet in the team.

New Captain!?! I really guess it'll be Parker, but few outside the team do really know how every single player act in the dressing-room and elsewhere. 

Good luck to the realeased. Let's see some name's coming in soon! And the pen on paper by Green and Upson please!