A spot up for grabs!

While the Neill saga has dragged on, it seems that our former Captain finally will move to Turkey for his last (?) big contract, we at bubbleview do wonder who to fill his gap? At the moment it looks like Faubert can get another chance as our RB, but I doubt that he'll be the permanent solution even for the season to come. And expects that he moves back to France soon. 
Spector should be ready to take another step in his development – and when we saw his distinctive play in the national team against Brazil, we wondered if it was the same guy who are doin these uncertain appearences at Boylen ground? But even if mostly a RB even in the US, I can't see him as his right and final position. He is not good enough, not in the PL at least, but maybe he can prove us wrong. 
Jordan Spence? To early for the CB probably. Gabbs or Collins? Nah. Not if we want to improve. Let them fight for the CB spot instead and if Gabbs should leave the box LB seems to fit him better. 
While it seems that we could do with some new name to fill in the right defensive position, - even more than bringing in new strikers - I hope Behrami will - until then - be back here. 
I can see that his working rate makes him a better midfielder than RB. Still with a lot of midfielders to fight for few places, this might be it. I think he can be fast enough and hard enough and should be able to find the position work, something he lacked a bit in his first season when he begun as a RB. Still to find his feet goin forward, a bit like Ilunga has done. 
So Behrami it will be! At least until Zola has signed Dani Alves. Or??

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