Mental state and West Ham

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Allan said...

The way I see it is that had G&S not taken us over when they did then WHFC would now be finished due to massive overspending by the icemen and curbs.

Duxbury must have either been clueless (every time I think of WHFC paying £83,000 a week to sick note I see a red mist come down)or he was just waiting for a sugar daddy to take over and bail the club out, the last was never going to happen as WHFC does not have the appeal of a Man City ect. So like them or not G&S saved the club and we should be happy that they did period.

Zola would never know how to manage so called WHFC stars, he was a great player and a very nice guy but far to soft to give any player a verbal kick in the right place. To see Mancini put his arm around him like comforting a little shy boy made me realize Zola could never rip off Upson Cole or Green when they needed it. Also going off for a long week end after the Wolves cave in showed a weak mind to the players and owners - his card was truly marked then - it was godbye and close the door behind you.

It will be interesting to see if Clark stays as I guess he may well get things moving in the right direction as he did with Grant at previously at CFC.

So I'm reasonably happy about our chances next season.

As for the Olympic Stadium I do not look forward to watching a game down a telescope so I'll not go there very often!