Just leave (him be)

Why do the Potters keep on upping their bid for Cole?
It must mean that they feel they are getting signals from G&S that they are getting close or are they just testing our resolve? I certainly can understand the reason for Stoke to want him. He is a very good player to hoist it to when nothing else seems to work, something we did way too much when he was on the pitch last season (making him look bad in the process). That is more than likely the kind of quality Stoke needs as that situation will occur even more often with them.

I read a lot into Cole being used as a “top model” for our new away kit. Flanked by players more or less guaranteed to play for us during the next campaign (Noble, Hitz, Junior) I got lured into looking forward to see Cole get to “gel” with a striking partner with pace.
I have a feeling that, given time, Remy and Cole would make a cracking partnership. I always thought that Coles target playing capacity should be a perfect platform for releasing a pacy striker. Cole had limited success with Bellamy, Sears and Hines, but they really never got a chance to build anything, and Cole seem to need time to get used to changes in the playing environment. Most of last season Cole was played alongside strikers with, let's say, other qualities. The threat a quick striker would present would take some of the defenders off Coles back, making his job a bit easier. Last year the oppositions defenders were allowed to focus on Cole too much, again making him look bad.
Benni or Piquionne are not viable options, but if the Caraglio deals comes through so is Cole I'm afraid. But at least we are doing business in the right order, getting the replacements in before we sell the "original".


icwhs said...

CC will be sold if WHU buy Remi the french forward, there the same type of player but the french guys younger and better, we cant fund the Remi deal, as they want 13mil cash... belive me CC will be sold if the french guy comes
dont read anything into CC being used in the Kit launch either, Frank Lampard was used together with Cole and carrick in a kit launch.. sold 3 weeks later to CFC

Prince H said...

Cole will not go to Stoke.
But if Pool or Arsenal step in with a bid he may leave, a pity as we all know he may - as Joppe writes - have qualities that never has shown, but may have this year with new "playmates".
I do not see Remy and Cole as the same type of player at all...
As stated before we would be a really strong force up front with Remy, Cole, Pic with the help of Barrera and Hitz. And Benni and (in some months) Hines as really good backups...

Joppe - said...

I doubt the big clubs are after him, at least not if they need to pay over £10M. They may see him as a risky prospect. But that's only a vague feeling I have.
A Stoke bid may in the end be liked by G&S but turned down by Cole as it's hardly a step in the right direction for him carreer wise.