For goodness sake focus!

I’m not quite sure who needs this urge the most, the owners, the manager or the players. But it was the Fulham complaint that got me started. Let’s focus on getting the required points to stay up instead.
Of course I see what Sullivan is doing, using his default method - threat - to refrain other teams to do the same, be it teams in the relegation battle resting players against teams they’ll lose to anyhow (Wolves) or safe teams focusing on a bigger game as Fulham.
Of course it’s morally questionable to field an under strength team for several reasons but I think that West Ham is best served by everybody focusing on one thing – the game against Everton. Besides we have not been strangers to resting players ahead of vital games ourselves, the latest example being Parker against Arsenal, and quite a few fans demanded him to be rested against Chelsea as well not to risk a ban for the important games ahead. So where is the morally acceptable limit? 2 players? Three?
Go shock Everton!

And so we did!
Also, Sullivan confirms my thoughts in this interview HERE


Prince H said...

Yes, this is really an cul-de-sac. There is few examples (like Wolves) where you really can prove anything. I mean Parker had strained muscles. I guess that is enough to rest him. Maybe Zamora had the same....
And looking at benches at Chelsea and ManU, what is really the best team? Can you claim ManU when they rest Rooney? Nah, noone does.
It's a rule that makes little sense. And it makes even less sense to complain or start prosecutions.
AS you say, stay focused on ypur own team!

Anonymous said...

Lets not do a Sheffield Utd, not only that but we have yet to play Fulham and that will only spur them on to try harder against us. Back off G&S let it lie.....

marry said...

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Prince H said...

Zola's latest statement against G&S and in support for Hodgson is of course the right thing to do, but I guess G&S will be fuming. Is it all about who should pay who now? Guess a surprising win against Everton would change everything.

TBI said...

Zola knows he is gone, you can see he doesn't care anymore.