Point of grace

So a bit of relief, wasn't it? To see the spirit! To see Faubert still fighting after Yakubu's "winning" header – and a "guaranteed" home win – and put in that wonderful cross and see Ilan fly through the air and meet the ball perfectly with his head.
2-2 was a fair result and ended the fightful spell of losses.
Everton our boogey team (oneof'em) had win after win at home in Liverpool, but still we fought, and this time fought to get something. We certainly deserved it.

After a first half where we - as guests I presume – we lay low in pour positions and just took chances with long balls up the field (sometimes to a lonely Cole), we took contol of the second half and could really have won the game. A point is a point! Vital or not may not show until the 9th of May.

Cause we haven't achieved anything yet. Looking at next weekend's fixtures it looks like we need a win over in-form Sunderland to keep us over the "drop line". I mean; Hull will take on Burnley, Wolves will meet Stoke and Wigan is at home against Portsmouth.
But if Upson can show that he is a man for the England team by putting in an immaculate performance against Darren Bent and Da Costa can keep winning headers even against Jones I think we can do it even without Parker.

Green 6 - Had he any saves in the game at all? Alright he came out in the box a couple of times, once to grab the ball in front of the feet of an opponent but not much otherwise. And not much to do about their goals either. Maybe he can leave his goalline a bit earlier sometimes.
Faubert 8 - That cross was spot-on. And this man fought and is really in form now. Great effort and no mistakes.
Da Costa 7,5 - His goal was not the most beautiful, and he was part of the defense that made pitiful mistakes at Everton's first goal. Still a great game. Good headers, good blocks, an important goal and good fighting spirit.
Upson 6,5 - Not at his best yet but better than lately. I can not understand why he shoves those long balls up the field again and again and never reach a player in claret & blue. Ever.
Spector 4 - After some good games from the American this was another showing of mistakes. He made two mistakes at Everton's first goal (the bad clearence and then just left the Russian on his own) and a useless pass right into the arms of an Everton player that led to the home teams second. I've seen enough. If Ilunga is a doubt still, Daprela should play from now on. I do not care if the youngster from Switzerland (edit) is looked upon as "too young" in an situation full of pressure. He can take it.
Stanislas 7 - Behrami was injured (or sick) in the warm-up and Stanislas came on instead. I think that was tremedous move for Zola, as we all of a sudden had speed and width, and some (if too many bad as well) good crossing. The right side is probably better for the rightfooted youngster as well. Good game with energy, even if a bit too eager sometimes.
Kovac - 6 He was alright and played for the team.
Parker - 8,5 Lovely game again. Lost some ball's unnecessarywhen the team had found themselves in the opponent's box - Parker should have made some easy passes earlier. But that is the only thing I can find to complain about. And of course the yellow card that makes us very vulnerable for the next two fixtures. Otherwise a great, great game with an effort that probably noone in PL this weekend can compare themselves with.
Noble 6 - Totally lost in the first half on the left hand side (not a good position for him) but got into the game and showed heart and a strong will. A good shot at the bar, took the corner that lead us to our first goal.
Mido 5,5 - The penalty was as naive as parts of his play. But actually fought pretty hard. ut: Gives few options that Cole doesn't already possess.
Cole 7 - Left stranded in the first half even if he fought and won balls even if he had two or three men against him. Won the penalty after a good run. Decent but not at his best yet. I think this man has to score soon.

Ilan 8 - That goal deserves credit!!! We could see it from the beginning when he came. He may not be anything peculiar in some positions, but he is something special to when it comes to get himself into the box and find room and space. Gives the team new qualities. May it continue!
Gabbidon - Came in at overtime just to check his boots I guess.

Sunderland next!


Anonymous said...

Daprela Hungarian? Which club do you support again? Daprela is from Switzerland!

englisher said...

Good analysis. It is a shame that Scott Parker is out for the next to game. He is the most committed player I have seen in claret and blue for a long time. We will miss him, we need a big game from Noble and Behrami.

Hakan said...

Parker was brilliant and will be sorely missed. Even at 5.5 I think you're too generous towards Mido. It's a mystery why Zola didn't take him off earlier.

Prince H said...

Anon: Of course. Sorry for the slip with Daprela. I know, jusst a little bit tired after the Easter maybe...

Hakan: You may be right. I agree that he should have been subbed earlier, but I think he is more of a team player than many says. So even if he stumbles and fails and plays naive he seems to be "selfish" in a positive way, he seems to push the team and the other players. Not that it helps much but I'll give him that.
McCarthy seems to have problems with his shape, and Ilan is as I state excellent in some areas, but we do need to play better with him, to explore what he is good at and learn to cover (with others) where he lacks quality. Until then, Ilan may be best coming from the bench (?).
So int the end there was few alternatives yesterday than starting with Mido. The penalty was so easily read, I do not deny that. Do not know why Noble was not up for it....