James Collins may save West Ham!

Maybe it was a good idea to sell James Collins after all. At least, as he late Wednesday was one of the main reasons Hull were prevented any goals and any oints at home against Villa. Kilbane had a number of chances to score, and Hull held their heads high during most of the game, just to be prevented to deliver any goals by Dunne and Collins, to giants in Villa's defence.
You might say that we would have had more points if Collins had stayed, and I do not challenge that. Not at all. But today I'd like to thank our old redtop for a great game.
0-2 is a cruel result for Hull ( In an awkward way I actually felt sorry for them as they did a really hard try - the opposite what we saw from "our boys" the other day.) I guess the fight may be over this weekend. As long as we win against Wigan.
We demand: Just do it!


Anonymous said...

Prince, are you doing this blog as an aid to learning english? If English is not your first language then you are doing a good job. If not i would suggest you stop immediately as you are embarrasing yourself..

Anonymous said...

Forget the grammar and appreciate the point Prince has made!

Prince H said...

Anon: You're right. When English is a second language you need to take it calm and not hurry. Sorry, I see some mistakes now. And you are right, my English is far from perfect. But I'll leave the article as it is now.... Sorry, if it made you cry ;-D

Marleeen depreciation society said...

I didn't think it was too bad, i understood the points which is the main thing. i think we have really missed ginge this season, our back 4 have been dire, faubert is out of position, tomkins is inexperienced, upson has had a bad run of form for what seems like the whole year and spector is out of position and i don't think he's ever been good enough.
i think zola will go whether he wants to or is pushed and we're being told in the press that pardew, hughes and many others are ebing lined up. the only name i found favourable and likely was dave jones. he has a good eye for transfers unlike zola and is very capable of managing on a shoestring which would suit gold and sullivan. this of course is all dependent on us staying up. if we do i can see us having a completely different back 4 next year and green and upson will be on their bikes with more reasonably priced replacements filling the void. parker is back against wigan and we need both him and cole to do the work of many more as usual to survive, lets hope the lesser wigan turn up too as they should be safe and easing off now.