Bye Bye Neill.

Reading the news on the official site today it's easy to say: Bye, bye Lucas Neill. Thanks for what you did. But even if you had a strong spell this last months I can't say I'll miss you. At least not as a player. Let's see who'll be our new RB. Hope they find a right sided Ilunga!

WHUFC also confirm - more or less - that we will not see Di Michele, Tristan, Walter Lopez, Lee Bowyer, Kyel Reid or Jimmy Walker in our dress again. I guess few fans feel despair....

I'm a bit more surprised that West Ham will let the young Ashley Miller ('89) go as he just arrived home from Hong Kong, playin for us there. Other youngsters the will let go is the forward Jack Jeffrey (seemed good at the beginning but have not been able to take the last step), the midfielder Tom Harvey ('90) and the young Northern Irish defender Ryan O'Neill (born 90 played some games for the Reserves too). Well, you can't have them all, and defenders are pretty good here as Spence, N'Gala, Eylofsson, Edgar and even younger Sanchez are even bigger prospects.

AS we all already know Lastuvka has left, but the Hungarian keeper Peter Kurucz - who has been on loan with us - has signed a permenant contract. He is 21 so he and Marelk Stech may be enough cover for Green (supposed he sign a new contract with us). We do also have the even younger keepers Street and Mehmet in the team.

New Captain!?! I really guess it'll be Parker, but few outside the team do really know how every single player act in the dressing-room and elsewhere. 

Good luck to the realeased. Let's see some name's coming in soon! And the pen on paper by Green and Upson please!


Hakan said...

I hope Zola goes for Glen Johnson as the new RB.

Allan said...

I'll not shed a tear lossing LN. Glen Johnson - with our lack of money we do not have a hope of buying him.

Parker seems the best bet but we do not know how he's with the other players. Upson could also be OK if he stays and does not move to Man city!

I understand the bank who own us are not keen to sell which seems good but how are they going to finance transfers?

Fingers crossed!