Dances with Wolves

So it's Wolves at Molineux to start with. Our first game next season is certainly not easy. New teams do always begin well, at least at home. So I hope Zola will give our players an erly wakeupcall that day. Good to have the schedule ready though. It's a mental start of the new season! You can find it in full HERE.

Will Jimenez and Mancini join us today?? It certainly looks so. And even if I just vaguely remember to have seen Jimenez I'm full of confidencvce that the two can fill gaps in our team and develop our team "the new Zola style". Jimenez can be the offensive force in thge central midfield and find the last passes to the strikers we've missed this year. Well, for many years now. Hope he stays fit, as he has had some troubles during the years. Read more about him in Trilbys good blog HERE.
 Mancini is class and can do well in PL, at least if Zola can get him to play for the shirt. And mentally shows that he still has to prove his ability.

Jimenez and Mancini! Last year we were about to get Ben Thatcher!

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