Welcome Senor Jimenez



Hakan said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing this guy in claret and blue!

Allan said...

We still need a real striker as Ashton is so injury prone and can not be relied apon to last the whole season - when was the last time he did so?

Cheers Zola you are our best buy to date.

Prince H said...

Allan, we might even sell Ashton, so I totally agree with you.
One scenario is Eidur coming in when/if Ashton leaves. The ex-Barcelona-man do one or two seasons with us (banging in goasl!) and then leave his place for Terry Dixon, ready to have a go.
But even if I really donät have a clue I would like to see Jimenez as the offensive force on the midle of the park, so it would leave us with the same problem: Another striker please!

Allan said...

Papers say we are bidding £2m for Anton! Why?

He had his chance at WH and blew it more than once - I'll never forget his 'trip' to visit his sick Grandmother then being spoted partying in the USA, this not only showed him to have no respect for WH and its fans but also showed him to be very very dim. Whats the piont of getting him back - let him sweat in Sunderland it might do him good and make him realize what an easy time he had at WH comming in under Rio's shadow.