New owner!

According to the official site, our club has just been sold!
Read HERE.
Our new non-executive chairman Andrew Bernhardt - a senior bankman - means that this is a long-term commitment and that he will give Zola and Nani funds to invest in a "sensible" way. What that means only Bernhardt knows, but at least it will get us stability for now. But as - if I get it right - the Icelandic Government still has everything to say about CB Holding/Straumur Burdaras future. And if Straumar is close to bancrupty themselves, where will they get money to invest. It may be another bubble who bursts in the end. What differs from all the bankers lending poor people money that you don't have in the first place, but do expect to earn another day? Just the new/old Capitalism I guess.
Very well. Maybe Barack Obama will be our saviour in the end as well???

We do start this new journey with a picture of Andrew. Doesn't he remind you a bit of Winterburn??
More reactions from Bubbleview to follow.

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