Another sticky, stinky 0-pointer against Toffees

So three days after the game I was able to pick up the copy and no doubt we were a bit unlucky.. no points against Everton again but a loads of chances in the second half. We did not play bad. We were the better team. But... And the loss of Carlton Cole is huge.
But I do wonder if the way we always seems to loose energy in the first half - after about 15-20 minutes - and more waits for the game just to continue. It's like Zola/Clarke wants this relief to the game and this kind of "acting", which you can see as a bit of cowardness, seems to cost us in more games than this.
I know we can't run like monsters during all 90 minutes. Still, if we are not able to kill games off (which we never can) with our first energy we need to find something else to hurt our opponents but play a waiting game. Can speed make up for the energy? Or team smartness? Movement? Not losing control, liability, or power as indiviudals, but still able to find the team spirit even if the energy level lowers? Just to keep the opposition not to rise their own power and spirit?

Green 6 - Not much to do at all. Were never able to see Sahas first shot and was a bit unlucky on their second.
Faubert 7 - Really impressive game. Had a lot of help defensively by Behrami but did play like a modern FB. Back to want we want and need?
Da Costa 7, 5 - I'm not so sure that we will miss Ginger sooo much. This boy seems to take his chance like a full pro. I can't really remember a mistake, plays with a lot of comfort and smoothness. And he can not only jump as high as Ginger, he can surely pass a ball too!
Upson 6,5 - As always I miss him to show us that he is the captain in the team. Had a decent game but with 100 percent luck (?) he could have been helping Green with both of their goals.
Spector 6 - Not involved much but he did things totally OK. Moved forward and took care of most thing on his unfamiliar place on the field.
Collison 6 - Started the first 20 very bright, but all of a sudden we did not see anything more. Was subbed halftime. Was he injured from the start?
Parker 8 - Great game. Man of the Match. What stamina, what energy!!
Behrami 7 - Very, very important for the team, one of his better games lately. Still I expect even more offensively.
Jimenez 4 - Another disappointment from the Chilean. It looks how I felt when I hadn't been playin basket (which I did) for fourteen days and still thought I could go out on the field and do my very best. Which I was never able to, the legs were always to weak after a lenghty layoff. Jimenez legs do also seem to weak, but still he seems to think he can do it. Will not start against Hull, I'm quite certain.
Hines 4 - After the matchwinning performance it's not unusual that a young player will come back with a nightmare game. So for Hines who were unable to do anything right for all 90 minutes this time. Still think that it was good by Zola to play him. Will hopefully learn a lot from this game. One out of the three golden opportunites should be a goal. At least he moved good out there....
Franco 7 - Important contribution. Moves well, meets the ball well and I liked the way he moved to Hines just after a missed opportunity just to push the youngster on. I like this guy!

Stanislas 6. On at halftime. Good contribution with speed! Nothing spectacular today but gives the team new energy, width and new opportunities. Will need a goal in one of his next three games I guess.
Diamanti 7 - Well on in the 56th (JImenez off), and what a difference a diamanti can give. Explosive energy will and commanding the field with surgical passes and loads of failured shots. Do we like this guy? Well, next time his contribution will lead to a win everything will erupt! Can Zola keep him outside of the first eleven longer? Well: Yes I suppose so, only the team knows if he can do 90...


Hakan said...

I watched only the first half, but I totally agree with your opinion of Parker. This was the best performance I've seen from him in a long time. My MotM (or at least of the first 45 minutes).
I just wonder whether it was a coincidence that Noble wasn't playing. My impression was that in Noble's absence Parker had the opportunity to run the central areas on his own, and that he rather enjoyed it. Maybe these two players sometimes look to take up similar positions, and are therefore not an ideal partnership.

Prince H said...

I agree! Maybe that was the reason (it looked like) he grew in stature.

Joppe - said...

I think you are right about the Noble/Parker overlap.
The grouch in me says that Parker is still to slow in delivering the ball and as a consequence often gets in positions when he needs to play it back to the defenders or has to do his patented Parker-spin. The spin-thing works for some reason most of the time but it loses the attacking momentum. His attacking runs are great, but his passing skills are lacking.

Hakan said...

Well, Parker might be on his bike. ;) I came across this in Guardians peerless Rumour Mill yesterday: "What is certain, or at least probable, or just about plausible, or technically possible, is that if TourĂ© doesn't go to United, then Ferguson will turn his attention to … Scott Parker."

Joppe - said...

There will be rumours about every decent West Ham player...

Maybe my problem with Parkers lack of passing skills is emphasised by the fact that there is no one to do it for him.
In a surrounding where a short sideways pass will find a playmaker he would be perfect.

A trade with Carrick?

Prince H said...

I'd rather keep Parker... I think Stanisalas can make those runs for us. And maybe (slower though) Collison as well. May be time to build a new kind of midfield and not rely too much on the neighbour, hero Noble... Even in the end, a big heart for our club may be decisive.