A(nother) loss that really shouldn't have been.
Kate Perry as a new West Ham-toy.
The awesome victory for David Hayes (a devoted Millwall-fan) against Valujev.

Hard weekend.


TBI said...

Pretty much sick of this now. Zola just rambles as far as I'm concerned about his 'turning point'

Joppe - said...

Agreed, Zola would be in trouble - if we had an owner, but we don't so his job is safe.

Prince H said...

If you do not look into our position the last result is not that bad. Points away against SUnderland, a good one agaisnt Arsenal, three lucky ones against Villa and just a had time against Everton. I think we have a future!
(well, we may need a owner too...)

Allan said...

We will not have a Premier future if Zola does not sort out our sloppy defense.

Last year we held on to wins by a awake defense, this season we are vulnerable to any striker who waits his time for our slip up; check last match we were wide open and they rightly took us. Its not rocket science - does not need working on - just being awake! Selling ginge has cost us dear - much more than the 5m we got.

If we keep playing like this we are going down and out.

As I've stated before no sensible buyer will bid for us in this state.