Carlton scare

It's been reported that, even though a scan is not yet performed, it's likely that the knock/twist Cole got to his right knee resulted in ligament damage. If that is the case it could be months before we see him on the pitch again.

I usually don't comment on this kind of rumors but as it would have an enormous impact on our chances to stay up I can't help myself this time.

Scare update: the initial 4 months rumor is now commented by under cover club puppet Jason Burt of the Telegraph, who reports that Cole will face only a four to five weeks at the sideline. Let's hope that his info and the quality of that prognosis is good.

Second scare update: As you already read in PrinceH's comment, the OS released a "it may not be as bad as the rumours say" statement saying that he will not need surgery. It seems as my first hunch may be right. Less than the tabloids but more than the official "don't worry" report by Burt.


Prince H said...


Joppe - said...

I noticed, I'll update.

Prince H said...

Well, new bad news according to The Sun/IMScoting as they tell us today (Wed.) that Cole will be out for the rest of the season. I'd rather beleive that Jason Burt's inside knowledge is more to trust. ANd even if The Sun is is no way to believe as they are the Sun, I do wonder if they just will say a seriuos thing like this without any knowledge in the matter at all.... Nervous!

Joppe - said...

It doesn't make sense that the club would leak 4-5 weeks and the real time out would be the rest of the season. Is Burtey without inside info?

Prince H said...

Nope, it doesn├Ąt seem so as the official oage fianlly has revealed nothing really, but I read it as it is not THAT bad:

"Cole is sidelined for Saturday's game at the Boleyn Ground with the knee ligament injury he picked up in the 5-3 win against Burnley last weekend. Hines could deputise alongside the in-form Guille Franco, with Cole set to be out for a number of weeks. Cole will not need surgery though and, having being closely assessed in recent days, will start his rehab with the aim of being back as soon as possible."