West Ham-Burnley 5-3

Piuuhhh! Should we be extatic after five wonderful goals (when did we do that last time?) or unhappy for conceding three after that? Well, this time I'll stay happy. We really, really needed the win and after a nervy start we took control over the game completely. And after Franco had hit the crossbar the goals came dropping in. A lot of players played really well, and the grandmaster of the plan was Parker who had a wonderful game. So did Franco. I missed the guests last goal (in the 95th) but looking at the newcomers first two (who both came from our right) it's hard to blame any specific player, our new CB-duo looked actually really good....

Green 5,5 - Dropped one ball quiet early and was hardly tested, but he hasn't looked so solid lately and I want him to take control of his box much more. Sometimes he just stays at his line instead of a) work further out or b) govern over his outfield players more. Not bad at all, even if he could have taken control of some crosses better (maybe even one of their goals) but I may ask if something happened mentally since he really became England No 1?
Spector 5,5 - A surprise for me, I thought Faubert was to continue. Started with some bad passes but grew during the game. Hulls both goals came from his side, at one he was not present at all, the other one he had no chance to stop the cross. Still he made a bold move and gave us a good penalty, even if I want him to develop his offensive skills much more. Nearly all our attacks came from our left.
Da Costa 7 - Well, this young portugese is a good player. He showed that today as well.
Gabbidon 6,5 - Good to see him back at his preferable place, should have been much closer to his player when Burnley scored one of their goal, otherwise calm and settled. With him as a backup we do not have to worry too much about Upson.
Ilunga 6 - Good to see him back too. Had a great first half and much of our play started from him in the first half. Went a bit fatigue and could with a little faster feet maybe stopped one of Burnely's goals.
Collison 7,5 - Looks more and more "uninterchangeable" for us. His best game after he came back and another good goal with his head!
Kovac 5 - I can understand that Kovac with his experience has a part to play in a game like this. Sorry he (once more) never delivered. Fought, but often in no-mans-land. Or if you want to see it in a more happy way: Covered the ground which is so important... Must ask though: When will he learn to make an easy pass? Noble need to play in his position next game. Must say Kovac gave Parker more freedom to work forward!
Parker 9 - Not only the best player on the field. Probably the best player in PL this weekend. At least noone can have worked harder. THis time his hard work also gave a brilliant result. Showed what a Captain can do, and made many more beautiful offensive runs than he uses to (Partly because a defensive player like Kovac was there behind him!). Which gave our wingers and frontmen better quality to work with. Had a wonderful game defensively as well...
Stanislas 7 - What a striking goal!!! I am happy he was to play all 90 minutes even if looked very tired in the last twenty. It will make him an even better player. Even if Parker, Ilunga and others had to cope without him defensivly in the end. Had a terrific first half and to have the width that Stanislas give us, and also the "cool energy", shall not be underrated.
Cole 5,5 - Far from one of his better games. Came off at halftime with a injured knee, I'll pray tonight that it is not as bad as we fear.
Franco 8 - This guy is a terrific player who works tirelessly, who moves well, who find his teammates well and scores! He is not tall but do also had a couple of better-than-good headers! Few new players has so easily adopted to the english game! Really impressed!

Hines - 6,5 Came on at halftime for Cole and gave the team a terific spark and energy. AS well as freekicks! Is very hard to tackle. And light as a feather and exceptionally fast he relly moves well out of reach from the defenders who are lost or has to foul him. Still a bit uneven. And somteimes fall too easy.
Jimenez - Came on for Franco and with a new haircut he as able to arrange a penalty. And his first (I think) goal in PL. I guess he played mainly to have another cahne to learn our game, but I do doubt he ever will.... These minutes was OK though.
Faubert - Came on for Collison in the last minutes to help Spector on the right.

Overall: We can not concede these easy goals, because the players minds and the audience hearts can't cope with that. 5-0 to 5-3 is not that impressive. But even if this was another game where we fell apart defensivly (fix it now Clarke!), I'll stay puzzled but happy! We won! We scored five goals!!!

Anyone who knows where Behrami was?

ManU next!


Hakan said...

I look forward to Saturday. ;)

Allan said...

I worry about Green; he either comes out to far or in this game he cost us 2 goals by being on the line and not cutting out the expected cross. Only a average keeper not in the top bracket.

Parker great and pleased to see Franco doing well seems far better than the two loaners we had last season.

Zola says we must learn from our mistakes but its the same mistakes each week !

Prince H said...

I read this morning that Zola have put some pressure on our midfielders, and said that they do have to take bigger responsibility defensivly and we could see that yesterday as well.
There was far to little pressure, so the guests had a lot of space and time to put in their crosses. When they do have it's like a freekick, but without the defense sharp, ready and collected. Both their first goals (from our right) was after excellent crosses, ones you usually do not have time to direct so well if you had been under pressure. So yes, I do think that Green should take some responsibility here, as well as our back 4, but a lot of problems are born from the moment we do not have the energy - or are too nervous - to put pressure early on.

By the way , what lovely cross from Stanislas feeding Franco and his goal. Forgot to mention that!

Looking forward to the Man U game now (at least if Cole will be fit).

Joppe - said...

Agreed on the lack of pressure. After they scored their second Burnley could more or less walk the ball into our half of the pitch. Very un-PL!

Agreed on Green also.