Is it too long?

When talking about a player, the discussion in articles, posts and on a lot of forums is usually focused on if he is any good.

To me that is like holding up a stick and asking someone if it’s too long.
“Too long for what” would be the obvious answer, but in the football context that question is rare.

I’ve been watching Parker the last few games and I see a player working but not having the impact on the game I would like him to have.

At the moment he is in the centre (?) of a 3 man band usually facing 4 or more opponents. Beside him is one player with a huge work-rate and a “developable” passing game and another player with huge potential but not yet dependable neither in creating nor in defending.

We are basically asking him to be the creative hub, deliver the opening passes, win the ball and looking out for Noble while covering the vital area in front of the back 4.
How is that for a job description?

Now I ask you – is Parker any good?

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