Joppe the Grouch has a swing - Part 1

Really nothing new to write about today, but that never stopped anyone did it?
Can't stand "(n)useless-news" so I can't help myself but to have a go at some of them.

1. "Zola keeps calm in credit crunch" - and clones of that.
What is the news in this? What is the poor guy to do? Break down and cry? Zola, as all other managers will have to work with what he's got. Any sign of not playing along with these rules is a first step towards unemployment (lately a. k.a. the Curbs rule)

2. "Zola keen to end Tigers' dream" - a c o t.
Eh... yes that sound reasonable... If an article of this kind had his views on how to do that it would maybe have some news value, but they don't.

3. "Tristan eased into action" - acot.
We are talking about a guy that almost didn't get a contract! What did anybody think? That he in one week is transformed into a starter and the saviour of West Ham? Give me a break.

Something of news value may have turned up in the flood of nothing-articles after all.
Marlon King seem to make the starting lineup on Sunday.


Joe J said...

Grumpy Old Man!! but i do agree that some of the news is lazy journalism.

Joppe - said...

To some that's a compliment :-)