After four straight losses...

After new backlashes, after bad play, after games where we have created very, very little up front, have had midfield players who are mediocre at the best, and a defense with enough lapses to loose games we should have won - it's important to get your own act together and remember why you love (or some sort of love-hate) your team. West Ham. It's about passion and soul. It's about support to a team who usually is the underdog. But who don't care and still plays with smartness and some sort of rifinement, combined with aggressive passion. Like Trevor Brooking used to do. Therefore I think Zola is perfect for us. He may have been a Chelsea player for 7 years (but that was pre-russian-oil-money), he may never have been an East ender building old English ships, he may have no or very little experience as a manager. But he has the skill, the knowledge of the game, the refinement, he has a plan, he knows that he has things to learn, he wants to develop the team, he loves the game and he has the PASSION!

So even if we loose a few more games, even if he makes mistakes (like too late substitutions), I'll give him and Clarke my faith for those two years Noble has been speaking about.

Some players we have may be loosers (and I support them most of the times anyway) . But I am sure Zola is no looser. He is a modern coach who will develop modern football with more than money in his mind. I want him here even if we loose three more games in a row. Cause he give West Ham hope for the future. Support him!
Thank God we don't have Harry Redknapp as manager anymore.


Joppe - said...

Now thats a grand way of starting your new career ;-)

Welcome Prince H!

And may many new good posts like this follow!

Did I say I agree with you as well?

RapidHammer said...

Very good post. Just yesterday I posted about "hating and loving being West Ham" (in German). Well, I think Zola's team will come good. I'm sure we won't be dragged into a relegation battle this season though the relegation zone is only 4 points away. If the Hammers don't win at the Riverside Stadium they will win against Everton, Pompeye and Sunderland, I'm sure about that!