The Noble art of 4-3-3

When asked about the 4-3-3 system Noble has been cited saying something like "you need a couple of years to get it right".

That can be the strangest comment yet by a West Ham player this season, perhaps only surpassed by Sears comment on Bellamy "He’s kind of like a father figure for me and seems like he’s calmed down" .

What Noble must have said is "you need a couple of ears to get it right". Now that’s a weird thing to say, but makes more sense to me.

Now if he really said “years”, I appreciate the fact that the players are leaving a safety-first, play on the break type of game and are now asked to actually play ball.
It seems like either Zola isn't getting his instructions across to him or Noble have a hard time converting them into action. But I’m really worried about his mindset.

This is the first I’ve seen of players doubting the system/leadership and
I hope that that his words are taken out of context real badly, but it has me a bit worried.


hakan said...

Headline of the Week! Brilliant!

whufc84 said...

They must be taken out of context. I could imagine Noble thinking it would take time for Zola to have "his team" with the Zola trademark. But learning a new formation wouldn't take that long, 12 year olds do it fairly quickly!