48 or 51?

Hull has to loose, Newcastle has too. But Boro will anyway and in which case fight for their lives. And they need a couple of goals in the net as their goaldifference is worse than Hull's. So expect our last match for the season to be a hard contest. I still think we'll win. If Boro don't make a goal in the first half, and if they sees that either competing team (read: Newcastle) will take a point or three, it's hard to believe they will be able to stuck in every minute here. And having Carlton Cole back from the start will suit us well in this game. It'll probably look like an away game, letting the old cricket team to keep posession and us to be the team that makes the counterattacks with Collison, Stanislas and LBM fight forward.
The weakest link or at least the most unsecure one will be who to partner Upson as Collins is still out and Tomkins suspended. You could either have Neill or Spector. But I'll go with the future and give N'Gala even if I've hardly seen him play. But the other two will probably not have a bright future here - different reasons though! - but N'Gala will. So let him play! (Ok, Kovac may be an alternative as well, but if the rumour is true that Moscow wants 6 millions for him he won't be here next season, and then why play him now? Let's give him 10 minutes in the end to applaud him a bit).
Having Stuart Downing off - and seven (!) other players - (well, the clever Tuncay will be playin!) will of course help our cause, but every M'boro-man out there will fight as hard as ever and hopefully our team cames through unscratched. And with three points! Which will see us in front of "the world's richest club" Manchester City. Not a bad bait, if you ask me.
It would also be a revenge as we lost 2-0 last time, in a ridiculously weak game. Last time at Upton Park Ilunga scored though. I do not mind if he'll do that against Boro again.

I'll go with:
Neill, N'Gala, Upson, Ilunga
LBM, Noble, Collison, Stanislas
Cole, Savio

Bench: Lastuvka, Spector, Lopez, Payne, Kovac, Tristan, Sears

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