Tomkins to tame Torres?

The last few games we have seen Tomkins produce some truly impressive performances, having kept Fuller, Anelka, Heskey and Bent more or less silent. Today he will be up against one of my favourite strikers - Fernando Torres. Torres extraordinary ability to be involved in building the game without loosing too much of his striker venom is ... extraordinary.
This is the "game in the game" that I truly look forward to today (the other is if our midfield can keep possession).
If Tomkins is up to this I can't see Collins getting in to that defensive line again.


Ben Teague said...

Well he kept Torres pretty quite but neglected Gerrard. To be fair, West Ham played some good football, and Boa Morte should have been given a foul, just before his moment of madness tugging Torres shirt. Could have been a tighter game had that freekick be given. 2nd half Liverpool just sat back and soaked it up, with the counter always being likely.

Joppe - said...

I pretty much agree with you but lack of quality in some positions was also evident. I'm been a lazy boy this weekend but a post on the game is on it's way.