Spend away?

A Spanish site have ”leaked” the new away kit.
Even though it doesn’t look like a football jersey I’m OK with it if it turns out to be the real thing. I like the colors and at least we won’t have the horrendous “covertheXL” plastic patch of shame any more.

Today the Mailonline ran a story on the kit prices and presented results from a Virgin Money survey that showed that an increasing number of fans will not be buying new kits for the next season. According to that survey West Ham fans are going to cut back on "matchday spending" more than most other PL fans (with the exception of Chelsea fans and who'd like their kit anyway). The “fad” to have a new kit shirt every season is not that old and may (as) well die young.
To me being a fan has got nothing to do with how much merchandise you buy.
It does bring in money to the Club, and that is of course a good thing, but still. To wear a Dagenham Motors kit from the early 90’s is far classier than any new kit.
A lot of us are feeling the squeeze at the moment and having to choose I’d rather go to an extra game for the money.


Prince H said...

I agree. The last years shirts being so incredible ugly have also helped my cause to save money.

I prefer to buy a ordinary shirt/tshirt with just some (small) WH- emblem on it.

Regarding the new away shirt I need to see it on a better picture than this. It really needs to be black-black to fulfill my idea of good design. No claret at all?

RapidHammer said...

I don't like black shirts, they are not positive and always remind me of something sad. In good old times only the ref was allowed to wear black!

Joppe - said...

Didn't quite think of it that way RapidHammer. Now I don't like it that much any more.
Would look terrible with a section of our fans all in black!

Prince H said...

I would be black and proud!

RapidHammer said...

It's dark blue, lads!