Good luck Joe

Young West Ham-academy player Joe Widdowson (born 1989) has put pen on a three year contract with Grimsby, after he was told he wasn't going to have a future at West ham. 
"I want to be a professional footballer, and I don't consider myself to be a Premier League player at the moment, so it was not a hard decision" he told Grimsby town's home site.
After seeing him play so good in the summer tour last year (against Beckham for instance) and knowing he has done very well in his loanspell at Grimsby this decision surprised me a bit. I thought he was one for the future, next term ready to make the bench. Who is there at LB if Ilunga get's injured? Or maybe that guy can't have any knocks?! Well, you can't have'em all. So good luck to Joe. Hopefully the West Ham product will see a better season to come for the whole Grimsby team.

The same morning Zola hinted that Sears needs to go out on loan the forthcoming season (at least a part of it) to grow. Looking at the few contributions he had this year I guess it would have been even better if Freddie already had done been out somewhere. Zola could have used Hines on the bench.


rapidhammer said...

Georg Grasser is a left footed midfielder and can also play left back.

Prince H said...

OK. I'll trust in him. But do you really think he'll be ready for the bench next season?

Joppe - said...

I find this a bit puzzling. There was quite a buzz surrounding Widdowson last summer when he was playing on the US tour. Even a bit famously facing Beckham and doing a decent job.
The time at Grimsby must have been a deciding factor - good enough for Grimsby but tellingly not good enough for the PL.

Zola does have the problem of keeping the squad size down and may not have the luxury of being able to wait for "late bloomers" as they will occupy a place in that small squad (and using up funds mabe needed better somewhere else).
I think it may be a sad sign of the current state at the Club.