There is a plan, how on earth can there be a plan?

In a recent interview Zola is saying that there is one transfer plan if we qualify for the Europa League and another if we don’t.
He has in previous interviews talked about adding 2-3 names to the squad, emphasizing that this should be names that would significantly increase the strength of the squad.

Last transfer window he "funded the Savio deal" by selling Bellamy and letting several players go out on loan. I doubt there is/are anyone in the current squad that he would like to part with that would bring in the kind of money it would take to get 2-3 decent players in. Unless, God forbid, there is some kind of pre-deal for selling Upson.

So where is the money coming from? How can, at this economically desperate time, anyone grant Zola any transfer funds?
It could be that the organization now, after cutting away some “dead wood” is actually making a profit and transfer funds can be granted by the sitting board (I find it unlikely).
However, there are rumors that some kind of preliminary takeove deal is already struck with an Asian buyer and that this future owner has given Dux/Zola a hint of what can be expected.

Having desperately waited for this change of ownership to go through since last October I confess to being inclined to wishful thinking about this.


Hakan said...

I suppose that taking part in the Europa League would generate some income from UEFA in a similar way as the Champions League, and also some gate receipts. This would explain why there are two different plans depending on qualification for the EL.
I'm not aware of any statements of intent from the new owners regarding transfer-funds. But since they plan to sell the club within a few years they would like to raise the value as much as possible in that time. It's not unthinkable that this strategy could include some (sensible) spending on new players.

Joppe - said...

The strange thing is not that there are 2 plans, the strange thing is that there is some kind of basis for calculation at this point and that Zola truly believes he will be handed funds for expansion this summer.

When you talk about the "new owners" I presume you refer to the consortium of creditors led by Icelandic bank Straumur.
I guess it could be a "letter of intent" from that group, but I'd be surprised if they have produced more detail than the "we don't have to sell, we can keep the club for another 3 years" threat they launched to try to fool whoever is in for the club into believing they are not desperate.

Again, I am inclined to believe a takeover is imminent (UEFA needs an financial declaration by May 24, 2 weeks BEFORE the moratorium expires, which should include a clarification of the ownership)and this probably makes me guilty of trying to fit any new information into this view/hope.