Feed the Cole and he will score ?

To get back into your old moves after a month (and more) of layoff is not that easy. Maybe especially not for Carlton. It took him plenty of opportunities (both games in the starting lineup and actual goal scoring chances) to be prolific this season, and I’m afraid that, in a sense, goal scoring does not really come naturally to him. This is just my gut feeling so I’d be more than pleased if this is not the case.

Cole may be fit enough to start against the Toffees, and even if my worries about him comes true Cole will nevertheless bring an enormous increase in fire power to our attack. However, I’m certain, bordering to resignation, that Di Michele will play alongside him. These two have started most games together since Bellamy left, and Cole has been able to score nonetheless. When it comes to Di Michele, that is the only tiny thread I’m hanging on to.
Zolas latest statement on Di Michele was that it was unfortunate that he didn’t score more (so far I agree) but that he was very important for our game (!).

I respect you Gianfranco, but don’t push it!

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Prince H said...

I think he will do a Tevez. Comin on in the 60th minute and score a crucial one with his back heel!

So hold on til then, bro's!