A letter was sent...

West Ham officials must believe that there is a desperate need for good news.
In 17:th place averaging 1 point a game and with a financial situation that is as grey as the latest November, indeed they are right.
Usually when times are dire, and there are no lingerie related stories available, the PR officer of the official site releases stories about the ladies team, the new stadium tour dates, another statement from DiCanio, or an interview with a player stating that everyone in the squad is “buzzing”.

This time the board wanted to kill two birds with one stone. To show that there is progress at the club and that Duckers is still alive. So they had Duckers present what he has been working on since he has been cut off from the real action – a letter!
This is a letter to get the approval to start to work on the new training ground. Not a decision to do so mind you, the decision was to send a letter.

Whats next?

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