Seize the Mo(v)ement!

The absence of Cole is something we didn't need at the moment. But situations like these were the reason for Zola to gamble on an unfit Tristan.

However, Tristan is still not fit enough for the demanding EPL game. And rather than starting a striker that tires faster than the defenders, this has emerged as an opportunity for Zola to prove the importance of movement in attack.

As I have said too many times before, the movement, or rather the lack of movement, in our attacking game is one of the main reasons we have not been able to take advantage of our possession and to convert it to something that really bothers the opponents.

The lack of a target player will force us to attack on the floor with pace in this game. And on the surface this sounds as the perfect game for Bellamy and Etherington to shine.However, against a team that may play "safety first", the runs usually provided by Bellamy and especially Etherington is maybe not what is needed to unlock their back 4. Pace is not the same thing as movement! The area that Ethers would usually be heading for will most likely be very limited by an already retracted defence. Some other kind movement is needed.

Bowyer has shown some inspiring runs into the deep center of enemy territory in the last games, and with some options provided by other moving players this can be really interesting. Also, it will create options for the playmaker(s) and force the 'boro defence to leave their preferred positions.

So please Mr (Zola), play young Sears and show how an on the floor passing game should be done!

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