Combat fatigue ended?

Accordning to The Independent and the trustworthy Jason Burt, West Ham will pay around 10 millions to Sheffield United during a period of five yeras to compensate their loss to Wigan in the match 13 May 2007. I don't understand why, but would be happy to see this mess sorted out once and for all. The amount is also far less than Sheffield have been trying to get. By acheiveing this compensation to be spread during several years it won't affect the club so much and to see an end to this would be nice - as it's the end to the "combat fatigue". I do still don't understand why they should have a penny.
The deal will also give some kind of assurement to the new owners and investigators that the "surprising" days are over. Cause even if the investigation from the PL/FA can and probably will continue, it should not affect the club as a whole, but "only" individuals, like Duxbury I guess.

Read the article by Burt HERE

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Joppe - said...

This is good news and Burt has some contacts in the boardroom, or should we say they have a channel to the public. This is a story the board wants us to know.

I assume your "I don't understand why" is a rethorical question as you answer it yourself.
West Ham will lose much more than £2 million a year for the next 5 years if this story is allowed to drag on. And as you say, this is one of the big obstacles in the process of the sale of the Club.

But as I said in my earlier post, West Ham will not stop disputing any claim up to the moment a deal is struck.