Hines - one year?

Zavon Hines has "committed his future" to the Club according to the official site. The future in this case is one (1!) year!

The other extensions have been long terms and to sign a young player on a short contract is a way of saying "we're giving you another chance son, make good use of it".

Let's hope that he gets the time he needs to fulfil his potential, and is given the chance to prove himself.

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Prince H said...

I think this is strange. Even if he's one year older than Sears, the latter just rewrote his contract, with FIVE years! And many (most?) seems to see Hines as a better prospect than Sears. Do not why they just give him ne year then? May WH have changed attitude since Terry Dixon came and now find themselves with too many young strikers? Let's see in a year.

I'm quite certain - even if I've only seen him twice on the telly - that Hines will make it. In our or someone elses team. Maybe not to the top but to a good professional level, if injury free. Maybe this can spur him on?