The most boring game of the decade!

Sometimes I wonder why we bother to show up at all. Cause you get the feeling that it's the sense of the players as well. I would say that this 0-0 at home against West Brom - was even a less funny experience than the boooring energy-less home game to Spurs. And that tells the story. To our defense I guess the counsel would say that we have lost too many players during the last weeks. But those who should show up... did not. On the contrary. It looked as they were still in Spain with an attitude of manana, manana...
It went so far that I had "bad thoughts" maybe West Brom deserved a winning goal? Yes, anything that could wake our players.... Happy I did not pay for this game but saw it on telly.... Did we really try to win this game??
One small positive note though: Our three youngest players that started were the best! And another teenager, Junior Stanislas came on as a substitute and showed, under his 20 minutes, that he will make it! Let him start next game!

Green 6 - No mistakes. When West Brom hit the crossbar Green should have had a freekick after an elbow from Jonas Olsson. Saved us att two times but did not have much to do.
Neill 5 - A slow player that can succeeed with things sometimes by determination and experience. But can't say he is our most refined player and could - once again - have cost us.
Tomkins 7 - My man of the match. Cause he did no mistakes! Not that he met PL:s most dangerous players, but still: Good and promising game from our 19 year old CB.
Upson - Was hurt early and had to be off with a stretcher. But according to the first reports nothing serious.
Ilunga 6 - OK game. You do recognise his play game from game, quite good goin forward and not easy to go past, but lost some unnecessary balls as well... so nothing special today. Still one of the best. Good understanding with Savio/Stanislas.
Noble 4 - Mr Invisible. And soooo slow! Time for the bench?
Kovac 3,5 - Mr Disservice.
Parker 5 - His worst game since his first game as a schoolboy at Lilleshall? He tried and was probably the man on the field with most possession, still nothing came out today. But missed passes. If it has been someone else I would have said he looked nervous...
Savio 6 - The first twenty minutes was awful and nothing seemed to work. But our 19 year old youngster took some kind of responsibilty, wanted things to happen and - even if he must learn that this passes must be much more quick in the English game - made some things actually function with some sort of elegance.
Di Michele 3,5 - Sorry to say this, but: Lousy and useless. Must take more responsibility.
Freddie Sears 5 - Wanted to play! Showed some nice glimpses of his talent but was never goin to score. But it was not easy to play together with Di Michele and that midfield today!

Spector 4,5 - (on for Upson) Took the RB place as Neill went to CB when Upson was injured after 28 minutes. Started totally awful (may have been a bug or lasagna??) but grew defensivley during the game. Still, don't understand his talent after 33 + 27 games for us.
Stanislas 6 - Debut!! (On for Savio) Did more with his 20 minutes than most of the others were unable to during 90. His last cross may have been worthless, but showed his talent: Looks quick and very good with the ball. Do have to play more for us now!
Boa Morte - (On for Noble) Just nine minutes but showed what it's all about (well maybe not all about): fighting spirit which he showed! A day like this, you should be really happy to see hom back on the field!

The midfield may have been our Achilles' heel today. But oh did we miss Carlton Cole!!!

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Joppe - said...

Your recent question - who will score the goals - was more than adequate this game...