Time for a new game and time to reshuffle again. As our midfield looks a bit thin without Collison and Behrami we need to find an answer to the offensive threat Collison can give us, as well as the defensive responsibility Behrami gives us - and specially Neill. We do also, which may be the hardest part, to replace our Carlton Goal. So how to do it against the lowkey team from Birmingham?
I think it is time to give Stanislas a go! One point or three tomorrow can rely on setpieces. And as we all heard we have a some saved capital in the young winger here. So:

Neill- Tomkins - Upson - Ilunga


Noble Stanislas

Di Michele - Savio

You may not see it on my sketch, but the midfield should be shaped like a diamond. A young team but with an experienced backbone, with Parker as a more offensive player than usual. Noble has to help Neill and Savio has to play as an attacker. Can't see an half-injured Tristan replace Cole. And if Stanislas is given a go, which I hope, it may be too many youngsters to play Sears or Hines as well.

West Brom on a Monday evening. Can it be more glamorous??


Joppe - said...

Very interesting! I'm with you on this one! A bit against Parkers normal way of thinking wich may hamper the attack, but worth a shot!

Prince H said...

I do agree with you about Parker, but I can't see any other opportunity here. Dyer still out and we have not bought Appiah... yet. And this position may be a too big responsibility for the young Savio for now.
But according to The Sun Sears will have a go. Let's see if they are correct. So maybe my idea is for the second half??