More changes.

Before the game last Monday I asked for Stanislas and a team built like THIS. I guess things had been better if Zola had played the way I wanted (;-D) as Stanislas was one of few causes of rejoicing in the boring 0-0 game.

Zola is now waiting to see if Savio and Upson will be able to play after their knocks. I hope to see them both. If not I hope to see a team shaped like this:

Neill - Tomkins - N'Gala - Ilunga
Stanislas - Noble - Parker - LBM
Sears - Tristan

I think Di Michele do have to be given a rest as he was awful againt West Brom, which did not help Sears. Sears did not impress in the box, but at least he ran and should be given another chance. His role, however, will differ depending on his surroundings, if he has the slow Noble behind him Freddie may be able help the team to push the right hand side a bit forward. If Stanislas is there Sears can be given a more free role. But could a right hand side with Neill and Noble cope with the energy of Gamst Pedersen? Well, at least I know Neill will tease him until he is begging for mercy. But I'd prefer Stanislas there on the right flank and hope he will be able to play good defensivly, cause we need that as well. I know he has the speed, the ideas and very good feet but can he help Neill at the back??
Blackburn may play five in the midfield so our hard men Noble-Parker have to be so much better than last game. Therefore I give them LBM. Kovac was never into the game last time, and I guess he'll be fine later on but I give him a rest and go for the hard fighter LBM. It is hard to find any alternativs at the moment. Savio is of course there if he will be fit.

I know it may seem stupid to play Bondz N'gala which would give us two 19 year old CB:s. But as we only have Spector as cover right now (and I still don't rate him), I would be delighted to see our captain of the reserves here. To see those 19 year olds fight with Roberts... and succeed. Tomkins has really impressed lately.
And I would give Tristan a last chance. We did really lack someone who could push the team forward last time and Tristan may not be Cole, but at least he is big and if he can't play now he will never be able to. This would be his opportunity to wear a West Ham shirt even after this summer.
This team means a lot of changes, which seldom is good. But we are now in a situation where we need to change the team. Even compared with the West Brom one. At least; I'd put Noble back to his old place on the field and if Upson will be able to play we have a good spine with Upson-Noble-Parker.

I think we have another 0-0 here.

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