A point of relief

First: We were not the better team today. Second: We were far better than against West Brom. Third: Sam Allardyce may groan our goal and say LBM was offside. Cause he was. Not much but enough. On the other hand, I really think we deserved a penalty. So groan on Mr Big man...

One point against Blackbrun away from home with the players we do possess right now is not so bad. If we lose our seventh spot tomorrow (if Wigan wins at home against Hull) we can't complain too much. Cause I think we lost that spot the other day, against West Brom. But that's another story. Can't say we played so well today either, it seemed that we wanted Blackburn to have possession and to find Di Michele and Tristan on counterattacks. Well we didn't. Di Michele couldn't control the ball, Tristan neither, even if he rarely saw it at all. LBM started as Mr Invisible but grew stronger on his right hand side during the game. Blackburn lacked quality up front but had some chances. When we scored I thought we really would win this game. But the beginning of the second half was really like giddy geese from our side and no wonder Andrew scored when the whole team sat in Green's lap. Typical West Ham way... But after that Blackburn faded a bit and when Zola finally made some changes we could even have won the game.

Green 6.5 - Not so troubled.
Spector 5 - As we know he lacks quality it was OK. Not solid as a rock but hardly to blame for any of their best chances.
Tomkins 7 - Another splendid performance from the young Basildonborn defender.
Neill 7,5 - Well, one of his best games for us in a long time, even if he always walks on a thin tightrope - foul or no foul? Today he was really OK and seemed to like t play his old team and as a left CB too.
Ilunga 7,5 - There is noone in our team that can play as calm as Mr Herita and still produce the goods. Did not let anyone slip past him today. Seems to enjoy most situations on the field.
LBM 5.5 - Sometimes totally lost on the right hand side, sometimes involved and active. I've seen him better but OK.
Noble 6.5 - Very good effort defensively, and just when I was moaning about his lack to produce anything forward he scored that splendid goal with the outside of his foot. Seemed tired later on. Much better than against West Brom. And by the way his 100th performance for us: Congratulations!
Parker 6.5 - Yes a better performance from our General today, still not as those match winning performances seen earlier this year. Sometimes he had players to leave the ball to in better positions and to make our play flow, but he kept the ball and later on lost it...
Kovac 5 - He flies around and I wonder if he knows what to do on the field. Need to come much closer to "his" players and when he wins the ball be able to - at least sometmes - pass the ball to a teammate. You can see that he have talent and is experienced, but not t this game yet.
Tristan 5 - As much as I like Tristan for what he has done earlier in his career, I still see no use to prolong his contract.
Di Michele 5 - Nope, not today either. Looses the ball far to easy and even if we know that he can pass the ball neatly he too often do it blindly. At least he runs.... But I believe that he should stay with us another season.

Subs: Lopez (on 78 - LBM) Was not able to see much of his skills, but seems to do allright in front of Ilunga.
Dyer (on 81 - Di Michele) Hurrah! Dyer is back! And not hurt! Should actualy have a penalty and was during the eten minutes he was able to prove himself good and lively.
Payne - (on 90 - Tristan) On late for a debut! Congratulations to you too!

Non used Subs: Lastuvka, Sears, N'Gala, Stanislas.

Sorry not to see Stanislas play here. He had scored at least two and set up another three!

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