West Ham can win Premier League 2017!

A football player is statistically at his peak at 28-29. A keeper even later. At the moment we have so many talented players still too young to be in the first team, but – even if just teenagers – not that far from our top squad. Mainly strikers! So if West ham can continue to nourish this new generation and keep the best of’em and even to see which of the ”late bloomers” should survive, we may well find us tpo be in a top four in…. 8-10 years. Maybe even at the very top??
Let’s see what team we could have then. With just the players here already!

We all know that few teams has developed talent better than West Ham. Under Tony Carrs guarding eye, And it seems that Carr is nourishing a new generation right under our eyes. Together with Nani’s – for this club – new ideas, to develop the club by finding young talents in Europe as well, we are building a team for the future. We need to be be to keep this talent. And even ”allow” most of them to fail to take the last step, the hardest. Because just one, two or maybe baby three may make it in every class.

A team is of course not only it’s individual players. That is due to how the rest of the club is organized, salarys, the stadium, training facilities and our coaches of course. The possibilites to develop the team, and the feeling that our top players can stay here to reach their (individual) goals. Also the possibility to any individual to find his place in a team. Which of course is easier if you knows how the team play and is organized. Which you do if you are here already as a youngster.
Of course a team needs to have a varietys in ages as well, but that’s another story. Let’s stay with the possibilites. It really looks good. Not mainly because of the results lately (which has not only been good becuase many of them has played in other than their ”natural teams”) maybe more because we all can see: the talent is there. Together with Arsenal we may have the best youngsters in Britain right now. To blow the bubbles!

Already stars:
Mark Noble (may 1987, 21)
We should not forget that Mark Noble is just 21 and could be the teams captain by then, I mean to lead us in – let’s say 2017. Did his league debut as early as in 2005 and have captained the national U21. May not have developed so much during this last year, but do play in all our games.

Jack Collison (Oct 1988, 20).
Collison has been in the Welsh senoir squad since 19 and are – or very close to – in West Hams starting lineup for every game. A really good prospect that still can develop and become faster. Can play in many various positions and truly impresses everyone.

Savio Nsereko (July 1989, 19)
Yes, you have to say that he is a star already as it only took the german winger a few entries in our first team to make an impression. Came in January and was given the nr 10 shirt! Was the star of the tournament last summer when Germany won U19. Will develop further under Zola and probably play an important part in our last ten games this season. And hopefully for the next ten years!

Soon stars:
James Tomkins
(March 1989, soon 20)
This local boy did really impress against Wigan and Man City when he has played instead of Collins, who actually may find it hard to take his place back. Cause James Tomkins has really made a break-through lately. Played in last summers U19 (got injured late on) for England did some matches for the West Ham A-team last season, and have learned a lot since then.

Freddie Sears (nov 1989, 19)
This local boy scored on his debut after just 5 minutes and 16 seconds on the pitch, on March 2008, and he seemed to be a our new Tony Cottee story. But has failed since to make a big impression in the first team squad, though scoring regulary for the reserves. And scored for the National U19 as well. Has pace and knows where the goal is, but I think has to build some muscles and mature a bit under Zola’s wings.

Terry Dixon (Jan 1990, 19)
He does not only look like Rooney, but this Ireland youth international striker may actually have something in common with the ManU star. West Ham snapped him up when Tottscum had given up on him after three terrible knee injuries. The West Ham team gave him another chance, had him for six months saw that the knee was OK, and gave him the contract! After such a long time at the sidelines it may too early for him to play this season. But hopefully next. And hopefully fit! As he was just 16 years old when to make his debut for the senior national team (but failed as he got injured) he is something special. At least our Tottenham supporters tell us.

Marek Stech (Jan 1990, 19)
It’s hard to see Stech NOT make it, cause we know that the tall Czech will. Has already left the Academy to become a reserve keeper and also made the bench at some occasions in the PL behind Green. And played in two friendlies for the first team. I think Lastuvka will leave already next season and Stech will compete with the also new goalkeeping talent (on loan) Peter Kurucz (born 1988) who to be ”no 2”. In a couple of years we may have two or three (see: Street) of Europes best keepers.

Zavon Hines (Dec 1988, 20)
Started to play football very late, but had a good spell this summer by scoirng in every pre-season game he attended, including some first time friendlies. And scored in his first team debut against Macclesfield in the cup as well. Hurt his knee in August and the season has so far been hampered by this injury. Recently back and has already been in Jamaicas A-squad for the first time. Seems to have the right mentally to ”make it”.

Josh Payne (Nov 1990, 18)
Josh Payne was in the first team squad for the first time when they met Man City. A two-way-playing midfielder who reminds Tony Carr of a young Gerrard. Scored in his debut for Cheltenham on loan and has according to reports a great future. If we will see him on the field any time this year for our senoir team we can count him in. And probably anyway.

Junior Stanislas (nov 1989, 19)
Has played for the national team U19 – against Savio – and has also impressed against Chelsea when he was at loan at Southend. Have made the first team bench in a couple of games when he got back from Southend and I guess he will be on the field at least one time this season. May be the winger we’ve missed so much lately. Can score from freekicks and take beautiful corners like noone else in the squad (I’ve herd). May be the player Kyel Reid was thought to be.

Jordan Spence (May 1990, 18)
May be our biggest asset of all. Has captained the youth national team at every level so far. Has now a season long loan at Leyton Orient where he is one of the most important players. Has not played for West Ham senoirs yet, but when Lucas goes back to Australia, Spence will be the man to fill his gap. At least I say that. Maybe even as a Captain?? As a defender (mainly central, but very versatile and has played RB and midfielder as well) he can score as well, as he did for England against Brazil. An injury time winner! Has even played seven times for U19 so far.

Could be stars:

Bondz N’Gala (Sep 1989, 19)
Another youngster that have impressed recently and may have had the opportunity already to be on the field for the first team if not Tomkins had played so terrific. Impressed on loan at MK Dons as the strong center-half he is. Don’t want it to happen, but if we sold Collins, Gabbs and Upson tomorrow I wouldn’t worry too much. Can see Tomkins and N’Gala be our defensive block in three years time.

Joe Widdowson (March 1989, soon 20)
Well, if not Ilunga had came in in the last minute Widdowson may have been in the first team already. Played during the tour in the States against Beckham and did it well. Played calm and steady. Now at loan to Grimsby. I do think next season is pivotal to his development.

Coming Stars:
Matthew Fry
(Sep 1990)
…is another one goin through the ranks. The centrehalf has captained the U18-side and has recently taken the step up to the reserves.

Robert Hall (1993?)
Is just 15, and scored on his debut for the U18 team – when just 14 (!) when the team last year won against Chelsea. The leftfooted striker also scored the winner against Charlton 2-1. Played for the National team U16 when just 14. Clinical finisher. Very promising of course, but it’s impossible to say if such a young player ever will be the ”finished product”.

Anthony Edgar (Sep 1990, 18)
Scored for the Reserves when Tottscum beat us the other week. Still so young, this midfielder has taken a big step this year and may be ready to be in the starting line-up for all the Alex Dyer’s Reserve games this season.

Ryan O’Neill (Jan 1990, 19))
This Northern Irish boy has also contributed a lot as a defender for the U18 this year and stepped up to play for the reserves.

Balint Bajner (Nov 1990, 18)
Hungarian striker who came to West Ham this season and may have a great future at the club when he finds his style to meet the British way. Played a major part for his country in U19 last summer. Has been out injured as well.

Adam Street (July 1991, 17)
Anoher promising, and very young goalkeeper. The Canadian has made the U18 team his own and impressed all.

Well, some of the young players like the Northern Irish "Joe coleish" Daniel Kearns (-91), the Polack Filip Modelski, the Austrian midfielder Georg Grasser (-90), the Spanish defender Sergio Sanchez (born -93!), Conus Okus (Sep -91), Oliver Lee (midfielder – 91), Ahmed Abdulla (pacy, hardworking striker from Arsenal,scored on his debut -91), Tom Harvey (-90), the homegrown midfielder Oliver Lee (-91) and Holmar Orn Eyjolfsson (Icelandic promising youngster as well, -90 - REad more about him HERE) my be have a future in our first team as well. Or some of the other not mentioned youngsters. But most of them not. So let’s see…Who can take the step?

Which of the three keepers will take Green’s place? And of all the strikers, who can do it?

But with these youngsters on their way I think Carr, Dyer, Clarke and Zola may have a lot to build on. Promising times again!

HERE is another one who wants to be in our team 2017.


Hakan said...

...and the Champions League in 2018, I suppose.
Brilliant post! Gave me a good overview of your status at youth level. As Lucas should (hopefully) be shipped back to Australia in the summer, could this mean that Spence is made captain at 19?! :) I can't remember any captain that young in the top flight since Ray Wilkins.
My personal favourite is Junior Stanislas. I've never seen him play, but his name has star quality.

Joppe - said...

Great post!
I dissagree with only one tiny little thing (as you know) and that is paragraph 2. It's a myth we all like to believe, if you ask me...

But who cares? This is truly an awesome post!

Prince H said...
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Prince H said...

If you look at the England team today it's hard to say that Tony Carr has NOT been one of the biggest influences. Or hard to say it's a myth.... But I guess that's not what you mean!?

If this new generation will be as influential as the Carrick/Cole one is to be seen.
To be continued....

(Thanks for comments!)

rapidhammer said...

West Ham Reserves with many of the youngsters (e.g. Austrian Georg Grasser) beat Arsenal Reserves 1-0 away this evening!