Four for Zola!

When I yesterday watched the postmatch reactions from Zola on Sky I went worried when our manager was asked about what he should do in the Summer to improve the team. Not becuase he said what he shall say in that moment, that he just care for the moment now, and the next game and not what's happens later on... but because I thought for a moment, I saw some flickering in his eyes. Of course I interpreted that immediately as he has signed a precontract with Chelsea or whatever. Any catastrophe you could possibly think of. But if there are any truth in what Guardian reports today, I can stop to worry. Read the article HERE. The only, but very important word, that still give me creeps in the article is "in principle". That gives me butterflies once more....

Hopefully he will agree that new four year contract! He - and Nani and Clarke - has done something tremendous here. They have given this club new hope! It should be awarded right away. And the hope will grow so much more if he - when he - sign that contract The Guardian is speaking about.

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Joppe - said...

Increadibly important that he AND CLARKE stays. There are several, seemingly independent rumours out there telling the same story. I don't think we will hear anything official befor a deal is done with Clarke as well.