Warming up!

They say that we can win games against everyone but Liverpool. But to be honest it looks like Tottenham is our bogey team. We haven't won against them since 2003. A modern classic is when we 2007 lost 3-4, but still it was the beginning of our "great escape". Anyone who saw that game will never forget it. How Tevez scored his first (after 19 games) and jumped into the laps of the waiting fans, how Zamora scored "a winner" five minutes from time and how Noble cried after the game like a modern warrior. I rather forget last game, which we lost 0-2 at Upton Park and the team was more pale than an magnecyl. And I certainly could use two or three of them after the game. It looked like noone even tried, and for me it was the worst game of our season. Last year we lost 4-0 at White Hart Lane.
It won't happen again. Even if we are without our match winners like Carlton Cole, Collison and Behrami. But I do really hope Scott Parker can play. We will not know before referee Martin Atkinson blows. Cause even if Palacios will not play for Harry, we may need that stability Parker gives us in the middle of the field with Jenas and Modric trying to find Bent and Keane at the top.

Zola do also have to play Stanislas and Tomkins after last match performances. Totteham may be different quality than Sunderland, but he needs to give them faith again. And I think they'll manage. Collins would do a terrific job, but he has to take a place on the bench once more.

Before the Sunderland game Zola spoke a lot about Tristan. Then he started with Tristan (not very good, but one of his better performances). Now he has spoken a lot (well, at least once, it may be the internet journos that write the same interview over and over again) about Dyer. So I guess Dyer is ready for his first start. Interesting, he may be able to tease a lot with Cudicini and Chimbonda.

If Parker will play I'll go for this team:

Neill - Tomkins- Upson - Ilunga
Dyer - Noble - Parker - Stanislas
Di Michele - Tristan

Our top forwards may not scare anyone (but West Ham supporters) but I guess we have to have a strong man up there if King will play, and if he won't anyone can score. Even those two! An alternative is to play Stanislas to the right and put Dyer as top forward and let Savio slip into the left. But it may be better to have Dyer to help Neill...
I will certainly use Boa Morte sometime in the game as well, he had a good game last time and we may have to have a terrier to put more pressure on the home team. But let's start with good hopes of three points.

Tottenham may have become much better since Harry arrived. But even if they do have world class names in their side, they do seldom look like a team. Keane has to do too much and the other ten guys seems to play more for themselves than the badge. (No wonder as they've but everyone but King and most of them this season). That may be our biggest chance tomorrow, because if it's something we can do under Zola/Clarke it's winning games as a team.

I guess this may be Tottenham's last chance to reach the 7'th spot. And I do think we need at least one point to keep it. Our matches do seldom finish goalless. This won't do either: 2-2. Noble and Stanislas! Or can Dyer get his first??

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