What a team!

What a team we have!!!
No Carlton Cole, no Scott Parker - the two contenders of best player of the season - no Savio, no Kovac, no Collison and no Behrami today. The two latter ordinary midfield players. And certainly no Ashton. StiLl! Still we were able to win against Sunderland. 2-0 after goals by our new wonder kids Stanislas and Tomkins. Why should we play with people over 25, when we have the Tony Carr boys? Well, I shall calm down. But this victory was very pleasing. Boa Morte played an important part and showed why we have to have these guerilla fighters as well. And Ilunga seemed great as usual. But now to the youngsters: Stanislas had a big impact. And in his first PL start he scored! So did Tomkins. I mean had a big impact - and scored! So happy days for them. We should not forget Noble though. Still so young and able to take this responsibility. Great. And Stanislas, what to say, it was very hard to see that he is a newcomber. Lovely handling of the ball, and still took responsibility in the defense. And had more opportunities as well!
Well, I was not able to attend the game and saw just parts of it on an lousy streamer. But wasn't he da man of the game??

Sorry for Spector who had a concussion. But great to see Collins back (who came on as a substitute). He is great and Tomkins was not to bad having to slot in at wingback. While Neill moved forward to a defensive duty at midfield.
Dyer had another opportunity to a sub-performance which was great once more. If he'll be able to stay fit, he'll be great for us next season. Look at it. If Stanislas will keep on taking his chances (and it seems he will!), if Savio finds his way into this team as a new newcomber, if Dyer stays fit and healthy, when Behrami and Collison will be back, if Ashton will come back and Cole once more proves every moaner wrong. What a team!!

(Maybe a right back and maybe a offensive midfielder in the middle of the park... then we can go for fourth spot!)

Even if Sunderland looked like a Coca cola-team, what a team WE have! Thankyou Zola for trusting these young players and giving them opportunities, and thankyou Tony Carr for once more educate these top notch ones!! This proved that we have a team with depth, a thing many of us has quesioned. The youngsters proved that!

(no player ratings from me today as I was not able to see the game in full)


Hakan said...

I didn't watch the game, but apparently Tomkins had a terrific game. He received an average rating of above 9(!) by Telegraph readers.

Joppe - said...

I saw it on a pathetic stream - very frustrating!

Wes said...

I subscribed to Setanta Online so I could see the replays. It is well worth it.