Six games left for 7th spot!

As I've said before 7th spot is for me as a fan not that important. We've already achieved what I had hoped for this season (and more, if you remember the days of gloom just 6 months ago). And I have said before that loosing the points against West Brom and Blackburn may have been it. Not the loss to Tottscum yesterday. We have 8 players in the physio room, some of them our best. Still we are a good team: So why shouldn't we do what we can? I had a look at those six games we have left. Any chance?? Definitely! Over-optimistic? Who knows? At least I'm not afraid to give points to our opponents in the race as well.

West Ham today: 44 points

Aston Villa - West Ham 1-1 1p
West Ham-Chelsea 0-0 1 p.
Stoke - West Ham 2-2 1 p.
West Ham- Liverpool 1-4 0 p.
Everton-West Ham 1-2 3 p.
West Ham - Middlesbrough 3-1 3 p.

9 more points! We play good football against Villa, and Luke Young is taken care of by Tomkins. Di Michele finally scores and Savio is our man of the match. We took points from Chelsea earlier this season and we do it again, thanks to terrific defending created by Clarke and our top players. Stoke is strong at home and despite a lead we have to do with just 1 point. Liverpool is once again far to strong for us, but then we surprise all winning against Everton - finally!. Cole is back and proves his worth. Middlesbrough is by now a CC-club! West ham finish with 53 points!

Fulham today: 43 points

Middlesbrough- Fulham 0-2 3 p
Fulham - Stoke 2-1 3 p
Chelsea - Fulham 4-0 0p
Fulham-Aston Villa 1-1 1p
Newcastle-Fulham 0-0 1p
Fulham-Everton 1-3 0p

8 more points! Fulham will have another good away win next round and fights to win another three points against Stoke. Chelsea will show that they can play good fooball after just a draw against West Ham. Fulham will have to pay. Then to draws against Villa and the still fighting Newcastle. Good points for them, but then fails to convert against Everton (creates goals on counterattacks) at home. Fulham do it well, but do not reach West Ham. 51 points!

Tottenham today: 41 points.

Tottenham-Newcastle 3-1 3p
Man U - Tottenham 2-0 0p
Tottenham- West Brom 2-1 3p
Everton-Tottenham 2-2 1p
Tottenham - Man City 3-2 3p
Liverpool - Tottenham 3-0 0p

10 more points! Newcastle have another lousy game against Tottenham, but then the londoners can do nothing to stop Man U at Old Trafford. West Brom is close to get a point at White heart Lane, but Keane scores in the dying minutes. So 3 more points. They do fight well against Everton, but Jagielka and Lescott stops at home Modric and co from more than one point. Man City can not play football away from home and gets nothing in London either, even if Bellamy scores. Liverpool wants to finish good, even if they can't reach ManU. And they do. Woodgate is embarrased. Tottenham finish with 51 points.

Wigan today 41 points

Wigan - Man U 0-2 0p
Blackburn - Wigan 1-2 3p
Wigan-Bolton 2-2 1p
West Brom-Wigan 0-0 1p
Stoke Wigan 1-1 1p
Wigan- Portsmouth 2-0 3p

9 more points! Wigan like to draw this spring, which cost them a better finish, even if the win away against Blackburn and at home against Portsmouth makes their season better than expected.

7th spot is ours!!!!


Joppe - said...

You beat me to this post and it was just as well even though I'm afraid Wigan can collect more than 9... As long as we stay above T-ham I'm OK.

Hakan said...

I thought you were optimistic to predict a draw against Chelsea, but after Chelsea's stalemate against Everton last night your chances have probably improved. Whatever Hiddink says about giving everything as long as there's a theoretical chance to win the title, I would be very surprised if he fields their strongest side against West Ham on Saturday considering that Barcelona awaits three days later.