Will he kiss the badge?

According to some newspaper articles (of the less trustworthy sort…) Frank Jr has accepted to to pull on a West Ham shirt again in a Tony Carr memorial. He will, supposedly, be joined by fellow “Golden Generation” players Rio, Carrick and "young" Cole.
I have to say I feel a bit awkward when I picture Lampard in Claret and Blue. I never fancied him much when he was with us and the way he “turned” on the Club, including the fans, after his dad and uncle were relieved was not quite to my liking. The way he celebrated his first goal against us didn’t really make his case much better with me. Brilliant player – I must admit that now – but not a fellow I’d buy a pint.
Whoever will tend the oppositions goal MUST make sure he scores!

I wonder who else will figure.

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