Improbable heroes, Part 1 - there is life in the Snake yet!

Us fans are often crying out for loyalty.
I usually have a hard time joining the choir as I want to think I have made peace with the thought that, with the exception of the fans, there is very little loyalty in football (there is a reason there are contracts…).

Sometimes a loud subpopulation of the fans have an inverted loyaly problem, a player they don’t like decides to honor the contract.
Regardless of the reason for Luis Boa Morte to stay with the Club, probably not all altruistic, I take my hat off to him. I have during the years had some serious problems with LBM’s abilities, but almost never his attitude.
He gets loud reviews from the Boo Boys for a long time and still almost always shows a great work rate! I have almost never heard a bad word from him during the periods when he has been side lined, and according to Zola he is a model professional during training.
I am so pleased for him that he put in that performance against Chelsea! Not only the dental help he gave Terry!

Even though I still wish that we didn’t have to rely on his services I hope the youngsters in the team pick up a few things from him – keep your mouth shut, work hard in training and always give it your all in the games.
But maybe they should turn to others for advice on finishes.

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Prince H said...

I do agree. What he has showed lately is that he (also) actually has a good vision for the game, which he has used to has find Stanislas or other players in good positions with passes not so easily read by the opponents. That's why I actuallu put him in the middle of the field - together with Noble - before the Chelski game. I think Dyer, in the state he is in, would be better to have with fast runs against/towards their backline.