414 days

Today we can count in 414 days since Dean Ashton played a game for his team. Since his first start the 1st of February 2006 - three years and nine months ago tomorrow! - he has started 43 games and subbed 13. Well, 19 goals as well is not that bad. Zola does not know - it seems - when he can be ready for our next game. In small letters: Pity!
Today our manager could confirm another setback as Dyer is injured again.... just as he was ready after last injury. The poor bloke has managed 6 starts and 9 subs for West Ham since he arrived in August 2007.

Well, that has nothing to do with our game against Sunderland which I would like to see as follows:

Behrami Tomkins Upson Ilunga
Diamanti Collison Kovac Jimenez/Stanislas
Cole Hines

I guess my hope won't be fulfilled. But a point would do, Sunderland is a very strong team at home, so we'd better put up another fight like the one we did in the second half against Arsenal. I suggest that Hines scores his first PL goal!


Hakan said...

Your chances would probably improve if you could line up 4-5-2, but there seems to be one player too many. :)

Prince H said...

Oh I forgot to put in the slsh between Jimenez and Stanislas. Jimenez had a knock last game and if he is not fit I'll go with Stanislas. Sorry. But we might need 12 ;-D

Prince H said...