Is Zola too afraid?

No, I did not see the "incident" where Robert Huth thought it was a K.O. contest he was invovled in and swung Upson to the ground.
I was actually not able to see anything of the game, but some video highlights after the game. And it really looks that Faubert is at fault for both goals. The second should never be able happen at all.
So another loss. Another game we should have won. But did not.
One thing is clear though. You have to critisise Zola for his substitutions. They have always been too late. But today was a really disastrous example. We had to get some points. But our first change came when there was just 12 minutes left. And Hines (who I wanted to see from the start) came off replacing... Diamanti! Far too late, but as important: Why not Kovac or Faubert or Noble?
Diamanti is a threat and the minute after he had been taken off we had a great chance with a free-kick close to the box but no Diamanti left on the field. Stupid.
Stanislas came on even later (then replacing Kovac) and Franco got ONE ! minute (in his debut). Why??
I do not know if there are some statistics that teams loose if they make the offensive changes too early. but I do not care: I did not know that Zola/Clare were so afraid of losing that they did not dare to win.

Arsenal next....

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Hakan said...

I didn't watch the game, but I'm a bit confused reading the reports.
Independent on Sunday:
"For West Ham there are deeply worrying signs. Pulis suggested in his programme notes that they are too good to go down; not on this showing they're not."
Gianfranco Zola:
"It’s very encouraging because the team played as a team and we were in control of the situation.”
Who to believe?