Still hope!

Just a link to WesthamtilIdie and an article I do agree with totally: HERE


Joppe - said...

Yes, interesting article. I likened the current situation with the one last year in a post not too long ago.
And there are other simularities also - the fact that there is not much continuity in the team. We've not been able to pick the the first XI in many (any?) games this season and the players have not been able to "gel" in game situations. A new player next to you every week does nothing for team development.

My major worry is if Zola can persuade the players to believe in his gameplan!

When it comes to a US "cash rich consortium taking over" I'm a bit sceptical to say the least. I'd love to be proven wrong on that one though.

TBI said...

I'm predicting Arab/Chinese owners before Jan.

Joppe - said...

Care to elaborate on that TBI?