At last (?)

Long time no see, and sure we have missed the breath of Premier League. We are many that have spoken less about West Ham than we usually do during this break, as we try not to demonstrate too clearly that we are all a bunch of maschochists.
We have also really tried to avoid all the papers imaginable as one may contain a Premier League table.
And we have in silence seen, but not spoken too much about, our new record, that we are the club that have the first keeper to be red-carded in an English shirt. (Well, all because of a former Hammer has lost the plot, we know).
Hopefully - and this I do mean - we have not listened to those porn-men Gold & Sullivan when they say they want to buy their "beloved" club but - as they see it - not for any money at all, as it it totally bankrupt. Which they of course want to tell the world.

So now is the time to go back to the field. And Zola has spent his time to tell everyone that he will stay (as we already has told you - and him) and that he now is finally convinced how to best use his players. We have a nearly fit squad (Dyer is missing and the pizza man, I've forgotten his name by now) to grab three points against the surprisingly strong Stoke. They have Fuller, Kitson, James Beattie, Tuncay and Etherington as more or less threats which is not a bas selection. They have Delap, Shawcross and Lawrence and are hard to beat at home. Still we usually do. But would we be able for once cope with an early home lead? There's a lot of questions and I'm not the one to answer them this time. As there is to many insecuritys after our weak sart of the season. Another loss against Stoke will leave us on as many points as during the season 2002-2003. Still I have faith in this team. I have faith in the manager and I will support him and the players as long as they fight until they bleed. One player who will not bleed tomorrow is Scott Parker, as he is suspended. Not a good game to loose him, but tell me one game that is....

So that leaves me with this formation:

Faubert, Tomkins, Upson, Ilunga
Diamanti, Behrami, Noble, Collison
Cole, Hines

Sub: Stech, Gabbidon, Da Costa, Kovac, Jimenez, Stanislas, Franco.

I can't see Franco start, but it's hard to see him left out for another game. I mean he played over 80 minutes for Mexico last weekend. Nouble on the othe hand has played three games in a week and needs a rest. We could maybe save Da Costa and put in another youngster as Gabbs and Kovac can be cover enough. Jimenez is a good player, but he need to convince me a bit more and as Collison is back and we may need Noble (another one who has to convince me) on the field when Parker is gone I'll sacrifice Jimenez this time around. Diamanti is needed as freekicks may be our solution against the hard men in red and white. And I really would like to see Hines and Cole together in a 442- formation. Hines scored two in his debut for England U21 last weekend and was the match-winner. You do not put a player like that on the bench.


Allan said...

Fingers crossed!!

I noticed one Times photo which showed Rio DID make the trip just before Green went down and was sent off. I saw Rio play for us when he was 17, great player BUT always apt to nod off during a game - so no change there then.

Joppe - said...

My additions to this blog of late has been to agree with the Prince. So also today.
I'll return with a comment on Sir Rednose's thoughts on a football bubble - it's in line with what others (me included) have been saying for some time.