Embarrassing second half

Many rivers to cross.... Well, Fulham was not our bridge to safety, 2-2 with a luckily defelected shot in the dying over-time minutes saved our players from even more blushes.... Can't understand how we were able to play the last fifteen minutes of the first half like we were Champions and then the last 49 like we were the midgets (no offence) of the whole English Pro system. Fulham played with ten men in the second half but were in control after Upson's clumsy challenge after 36 seconds in the second half. Not his only mistake this afternoon. I couldn't agree more with the TV-commentators: Were is our leadership on the field? Today our backbone-players, those the team shall rely on, those who fell totally prostrate.

Green 5 - The second conceded goal was not only his fault, but - one thing you learn as young is: if you are not certain to catch or box the ball when leaving your goalline. Stay put. You can say the same when he gifted the ball to Johnson in the dying seconds. Stupid....
Faubert 5 - An uneven performance. Worked pretty hard but failed to keep Gera in his pocket for their second goal. Some good crosses, some awful...
Tomkins 7 - Our man of the day in the defence. Strong and solid. Good game! The youngest took the biggest responsibilty.
Upson 3,5 - I've never seen him doing so many mistakes as today. I started to shout to Zola to put DaCosta on. I don't know if his layoff after injury had affected him or anything else, but this was far from what you can ask for by our Captain. We lacked the leadership onthe field, he gave away a stupid penalty and did not impress at their second goal either. Gave away possession and gave away passes. What's up? I doubt Capello will start with him next game.
Ilunga 5 - Another feeble impression from our Congolese. Seems to be affected a lot when the team looses confidence.
Mark Noble 5 - Fought hard, had the ball a lot but delivered very little. Another game with questionmarks for him.
Luis Jimenez 5 - Has not affected any game so far, and this was no exception even if he were more invovled in the middle of the park and had some good touches. After ten games I think it's time to ask for more... More pace, more ball, more goals, more good and fast deliveries.
Scott Parker 5,5 - Fought hard but fought to make any impression. I demand more!
Zavon Hines 5,5 - His play today was less impressive than before, and so it will be as he is new to the game and still young. But I think it was right to play him and he moved very well and had a great chance in the end of the first half. Could have been involved more as he challenged by moving from left to right, but his companions failed to see it. Or did not play him.
Carlton Cole 7,5 - Once again: Our only true "hero" of the day. The only one that really impressed. Good goal as he muscled himself from Hangeland and won the header. Was left too alone for big parts of the game. He can't win the matches by himself can he? Where is the midfield when he wins the ball?
Alessandro Diamanti 6 - I like to see that he always want to be involved. Shoots too much and have to find his teammates more often, but runs like hell, have a wonderful left and takes more responsibility than newcomers often do. One of his better performances, but still has a lot to learn.

Subs: Behrami - OK, did not make the team spark when he came on, but he should have been given more time.
Stanislas - A quiet start, then he really tried, and tried and with a huge bit of luck he gave us a point and saved the team for more awkward losses.

Well, this was embarrassing enough. Why can't we keep the standard through the whole game, or at least 60 minutes, why can't we kill games off, why can't we defend like we used to do? Yes we play some pretty stuff which we enjoy to see, as the first half was lovely to see, and I still Zola/Clarke have the answer somewhere. But it is a lot to do from now on!

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Allan said...

As I said when the transfer window closed - We are going to have a fight to stay up let alone equal last seasons results.
Why do I think this? Its because our squad does not have the quality to do better. Going by this game if Cole gets injured it will be almost impossible to make it as he is the only player any other top team would want. Green & Upson England players; give over- not on this display!