All of a sudden: Energy!

I'm sorry if I misspell things today, as my palms are still wet of sweat. What a finish, what a game! 0-2 down against Arsenal after one heavy mistake and another goal too cheap. We playes allright, created as much as Arsenal did but still was far away from any points. So two changes: Diamanti and Hines instead of Novle and Zola and all of a sudden everything changed. Zola usually make his changes far too late. But not today. Diamanti and Hines both had the opportunity to change the game. And they did. Carlton Cole had been awsome, but far too alone (as usual). But all of a sudden he had som players to play with. All of a sudden we had 2-2! And I will not apologize! The penalty was not the easiest one to spot, but on the other hand it's easy to that Parker should have had one moments earlier. This may be the moment that can change things! All of a sudden few things looks impossible as long as we have the spark of energy that Diamanti and Hines put in the game.

Green 6 - Well, was he at fault at the first goal when he ran into Tomkins and was unable to reach the ball (it fell to van Persie for an easy tapin)? Yes, probably. But things happened very fast and Tomkins did not see a thing. On the other hand Green had two really good saves in the game, on in the last dying minutes which saved us a point.
Spector 5,5 - Did not convince me, but on the other hand played more safe than Faubert. Well, most of the times. He may not be the answer, but I'll give him a couple of more games... Weaker than Faubert but less foolish mistakes.
Tomkins 7 - Another good game from the youngster as he took responsibilty in the middle and to help Spector out. Was strong in the air and fought hard.
Upson 6,5 - Good game.
Ilunga 6 - Better than lately and tried to push forward. Which is not the easiest task against Arsenal, but was level with Sagna. Missed a few good crosses though.
Valon Behrami 6 - Important fighter for us, but far from his best yet after his injury. He can handle his opponents, soon he has to be able to handle the ball too.
Mark Noble 5 - Rans like hell, tries to be everywhere and do the corners as well as the free-kicks. But very little happens. When he put the questions, and goes to the head of the game he must be able to give some answers too, force some kind of conclusion. The speed is lacking, even if he contributes with other things, like his big heart. I'll rest him to give others a game now.
Scott Parker 6 - Good first 45, disappeared after half-time. Before he raised his energylevel again and firstly wasn't awarded a penalty that I think should have been given and later on was given wo yellow cards. The second one was an awful mistake by and insecure referee. He controlled the ball after he - in a very decisive monent - came in front of Eduardo (?), was pushed down and given a yellow. Stupid decision.
Jack Collison 5,5 - Few things happened here, but he progresses from game to game after his lengthy layoff. And in the end he actually had new energy to give the team. We do also have to remember that our midfield had very good opponents today.
Guillermo Franco 4,5 - A bit like Tristan in his debut. Could't affect the game at all. But good in the air despite quite small.
Carlton Cole 8,5 - King on the pitch. So strong, so impressive. Awsome. And a goal as well! My wife told me that Cole will play in "a better" team next year. Hopefully not, but the other players have to lift themselves to his level, now he is too often left stranded on his own like a whale. Well, he was given some help when Hines and Diamanti came on.

Diamanti 8 - He may shoot too often and sometimes try to reach his teammates running around him instead of trying too much on his own. On the other hand he gave us the energy so much needed. He gave us the weapon of his left foot. The freekick was great, the penalty even better! Liked his old hairstyle better.
Hines 7 - Gave us the energy so much needed as well. And pace! I want this youngster to start!
Kovac 5 - Late introduction, just given a few minutes as he will probably start next game, when Parker is out.

A new dawn!
Sunderland next!


TBI said...

I missed most of the game but the parts I saw were Arsenal sitting back and letting us go for it. 0-2 I thought we were in for a torrid time but for some unknown reason they just sat back.

Not that I'm complaining....

Prince H said...

I agree that their midfield all of a sudden seemed like they were a couple of nice lads...

Hakan said...

Cole seems to keep improving and confirms his status as WH's most important player. Let's hope that Zola can keep hold of him. But this might become increasingly difficult.
Just an example of a Manchester United-blogger dreaming of Carlton as The Missing Link: http://viewfromtier3.blogspot.com/2009/10/whos-our-missing-link.html

Joppe - said...

In my eyes what CC does best fits a type of game ManU (usually)don't play. When the ball is played through the midfield and delivered to the striker in the last third he is not at his best.

Go look elsewere!!

Hakan said...

Will do.
Today we're apparently having a look at David Villa...

Prince H said...

If Zola stays I think Cole will stay! At least as long as we are a PL-team. Which I still think we will be next year. Our board (which hopefully will be new and richer rather sooner than later) knows that we can't sell our strongest player. A loss of a defender is easier for the fans to swallow.
But I hate to see Collins - well, I'm happy for him, he was not the one who wanted to leave - doing so well at Villa. We miss him. At the same time I understood why Zola/Clarke acted like they did. We surely needed a striker and had to sell before we could buy. But still... We concede easy goals, Collins has some kind of success. It's hard.