Loseophobia or bewilderness?

loseophobia noun
/lu:z.ə’fəʊ.bi.ə//-ˈfoʊ-/ n [U] extreme dislike or fear of losing or failing.

Last year, following the initial two PL wins after Zola took charge we went in to a tragic period of 7 losses, 4 draws and one (1!) win before we could start to produce decent run in the dying days of the year.
The problem then was, as I see it, as much in the head of the players as that the system wasn’t working. The fascinating thing was that the angs of losing, back then, was apparent in the actions and eyes of the players while the talk from Mr Zola was that there was too much focus on the result, and that football was all about going out there and enjoying the game. There was supposedly no pressure on the players to win – just to play the game according to the plans.
If the players thought that it was important to try but not vital to succeed, why the loseophobia?

There are obvious loseophobic signs in the team today. Teams do go behind, some teams just handle it, some brake down. Why don’t our players just buckle down and work? Is there maybe another facet to their anxiety? In my experience the situation as such is not always the problem when groups start to repeatedly under-achieve under pressure, it’s that they are not quite sure how to go about fixing it. When you’re not sure how to fix a problem – the anxiety gets the better of you.
This brings up another memory from last fall. Noble was cited saying that the 433 system would take “a couple of years to get right” http://bubble-view.blogspot.com/2008/10/noble-art-of-4-3-3.html.
Could it be that the players still haven’t caught on to the style of play enough to trust it when the going gets rough?

We turned it around then...

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