Agreeing with Whinger?

Arsene D'whinger had another trademark outburst, this time about the long throwers. As far as I understand he wanted them banned in some way.
Some of you may recall THIS post that I wrote after our encounter with Delap et al. last season, where I spill my guts over the Stoke way in general and the long throwing Delap in particular. I remember thinking I was really clever when suggesting that "throw in gloves" was to be the next thing. It didn't take long for that to come true did it?

But the real problem in my eyes is not so much the long throws as such as the way they distort the "flow" of a game. We are used to the way corners staccatos (is that a word?) a game and the problem with the long throws, as I see it, is the time it takes to get the ball in play.
If there is a limited time for a throw in to be taken, short enough not to allow the center backs to take a 50 m jog into the box, the problem should be solved.
Is the referee committee listening?


Prince H said...

I guess this comment is based on the fact that West Ham do not have any player that can throw a ball further than 3 yards? ;-D

Joppe - said...

In a way...
But Ilunga throws a mean ball but doesn't any more for some reason.

In my view too many goals in the PL comes from set pieces. We don't need any more of that.

Ekavall said...

I think it could be done like we did when I was a kid.. Three corners=penalty. Then why not three thow-ins (on the offensive part of the field) to be changed for a corner? But let the defending team throw the ball, like today. This would speed up the game.