West Hamstring with no edge

After twenty minutes we had lost both Ilunga and our "General Generator" Scott Parker to injuries, and the small Croatian had scored his first for the home team after his long lay-off. There was very, very little in West Hams favour then, and it really looked like our players understood that as well.
When we lost Parker there was noone in the first half who knew what to do or who to lead our team forward. We were not lucky with their first goal either. After a counterattack with Lennon as always "PL:s Bolt", the ball fell (un)luckily to Modric who shot in the ground, the ball bounced over Green's arms and into the net. Just 11 minutes gone.
But as we've said before the goal also showed a problem that we have had in defence all season. All players are just looking at the ball. Noone saw Modric coming behind them. And there were loads of players who should have been able to pick him up. Can Mr Zola please fix this problem??
After 1-0 and those injuries I thought we were dead and buried. Well, we actually were, even if we had a better second half and even a period of about ten minutes where we threatened a nervous home team. In that spell though, Defoe scored their second in another counterattack.

After the break we showed more heart, Diamanti most of all, but Tottenham with King, Defoe and Modric back in the team were this day a superior team. At least our defense had a really good game.
I've tried to find any news about Ilunga and Parker but at this moment found none. And with Franco - with a fifth yellow card - also off the FA-game against Arsenal I guess we will see Alex Dyers young men have a go....

Green 6,5 - A couple of misunderstandings between him and his defenders, and in a perfect world he should have been able to steer Defoes first shot differently, still a good performance. And more resolute than lately.
Faubert 6,5 - Another good performance from our French guy even if he has to practise those crosses over New Year. Battled well.
Tomkins 7,5 - Has improved very much lately and this performane was really good from our youngster.
Matthew Upson 7,5 - I could only find one mistake during the whole game. Really concentrated on his task, which he handled very, very well. MotM.
Ilunga 5 - Fought hard against Lennon, looked solid, then he had to be taken off. Early! Never ran back when we lost the ball when they first scored in their counterattack. Probably injured already. Another hamstring?
Collison 5 - Had the same problems as the last game. When we expect him to push forward he lacks the last "damn hell". He retreats when he has a chance to win important space, and even a goal chance. And especially when Parker was forced off I expect this young man to be a more driving force. Maybe hard words, but who else to rely on in these moments?
Parker 5 - Looked like he was goin to fight as usual, but all of a sudden he was off for Jimenez. Just after their first goal. Another hamstring?
Kovac 7 - Another really good game from Kovac and by miles our best midfield man today. Fought hard. Too bad he can't make a pass. He is not the man that can "conduct" the team, but that's not why he is here.
Behrami 4 - We are so happy that he is back! But this was not impressing, he is not ready for a game like this yet. Fought yes, but did a lot of mistakes, and as with Kovac, sorry he can not make good passes.
Diamanti 6 - Totally invisible in the first half, it was not his game at all. Grew after the break and took responsibility with some great moment's and good passing. Not that it did help, but that is what we like to see.
Franco 5 - Tooooooo lonely up front with no help. I doubt even Cole could have made it today. Yellow-carded and will miss the Arsenal game. Maybe best so. Wolves is far more important.

Jimenez 3,5 - At least he was behind our goals against Pompey, this time he had nothing to offer. Plays like a (uninspired) teenager against men. I doubt that he will be with us after January.
Spector 5,5 - Decent performance, at least if you go out to the kitchen to grab something in those "moment's" he always have.
Stanislas 6 - Tried. As always a bit too hard.

This did not look like a "all for one, one for all"-performance. We were tired after our important game against Pompey 48 hours ago. And we do very seldom perform against Tottenham. So to lose Parker after just 11 minutes was just the destiny for another loss. Atleast I was impressed by the defence today (mainly Tomkins, Upson, Kovac).

Wolves (Arsenal) next! And the frightening January window :-S


Baker Boy said...

Dare I be controversial here?

With the January window about to open, let me throw this in the pot.

Green looks jaded and is not the player he was.

Upson for all his great talent is clearly "not there"

Would it be so bad if they were sold?, with them in the team we are losing anyway. Lets not get carried away with a win against Pompey. They are not the same Pompey under "Twitchy"

I don't see any passion in this team and I don't think that Zola has got what it takes to give a player a major bollocking and fire them up...we are seeing too many ineffective performances to suggest otherwise. The players need a hard task master!

TBI said...

You are being VERY KIND. That was a really bad performance by the whole team.
Yeah I expected to lose but the manner of it shocked me, it was schoolboy errors out there! Tomkins hero! Green get rid he has had it!

Prince H said...

TBI: Maybe, but I still think the defence was OK, particulary our CB:s so I'll stick with this, I mean we do usually loose even bigger against Spurs, and now we were without Cole, Parker, Noble and a Behrami long from match form. Anyway thanks for comment.

Baker: Let's see what will happen. Can Fernandes save us at last? Upson had a good game today (not against Pompey) and I do agree with you about Green. But his dip is not permanent, it may change soon. So long as the team get's the money I understand if they sell Upson as his contract is expiring. But can we make us survive this spring without him? I doubt it, In that case we need another experienced CB. So who is that?

Tj said...

Upson MotM? Only one mistake? its cause he did fuck all, Tomkins made Upson look like a 17 year old.