O, for f**k's sake, 0-4

I do not think that we would have had much of a chance picking points against The Champs with Cole, Upson and many others out.
So losing is, even if we got a good record, not so much to complain about... in itself. But the way we did it!
So: I'm very disappointed today... when will we stop to let these loads of goals in? When will Clarke show these lads how to defend?? When will the team start to act like a team defending?

It was good taken goals from ManU, no doubt about it (even if the third really looked offside for me), but it was not hard to see that we did not work like a team in those moments. The first (time: 45,30 in the first half which was decisive) one was a good act from Scholes but still a(nother) foolish disaster from Kovac who easily moved away(!) from Scholes when the redhead was to shoot. Kovac went behind (!) him instead of trying to take it cool and block the shot.
Green was there to touch Scholes shot but was not able o hold it. Maybe if he had been well?? The second (Gibson shot) was a beauty, and impossible to defend, the third (who looked like offside to me) came from our right flank where Anderson passed with ease a good one behind our defenders in the box. I think either Spector, Collison, Kovac or Diamanti really have to put some pressure early on here. Valencia ran well, and our CB:s found themselves standing on their heels. The fourth one was close to the same, but from our left where Ilunga did not manage to prevent the low cross. As it was from a fast break and an unorganised midfield we only had Tomkins and Spector in the middle. And Tomkins did not look behind him, left Rooney unmarked to protect the first post while Spector had little chance to run for Rooney. So the two last goals was all up to players who did not know what to do in certain situations. Tomkins (who I like and has a great future with us) was on for the good Da Costa. Maybe the Portugese had a knock, but changing the back four nearly every game does not help our cause.
Looking at ManU:s defence it seemed to be in shatter (From the 34th minute they had a back 4 consisting of Evra, Carrick, Brown and Fletcher), but what did it help without our man "strong as a gorilla"? We missed Cole like a headache tablet when having a hang over, but I think a key moment was when Hines had to leave the field (injured). He had a good first half and absolutley made a fool out of Neville a number of times. I guess he had done so to a player like CB Carrick as well, if he had had the chance in the second half to counterattack a coupe of times more. He had scored I presume, or put up Franco. So he was surely missed too.

Green 5 - Subbed late on as he was felling ill. I think understand why with our goalrecord.... Not his best game even if not at fault with the goals. But if feeling sick, I think it is a shame not to give Kurucz a rare start.
Spector 6 - A really decent performance from the American. I mean from his standards. Made some mistakes, but do also need more help from the midfield.
Tomkins 5 - Covered well helping Spector, but lacked a bit of match-practise and made a mistake at the last goal. Even if I do not blame him for this, but our coaches.
Gabbidon 6 - So, so but at least pretty solid and will play better with Upson and even Da Costa beside him. Was the last man and not close enough to Giggs when he passed the ball to Gibson at their second, so no wonder he hesitated. Did probably take the right decision.
Ilunga 5,5 - I think he is to raise his game a bit from time to time, but he is maybe more than others dependent of having solid players around him. He knows he can't do it alone and even if he had a wonderful cross today it's far to rare these days.
Collison 5 - A great player who did not make any impact today.
Kovac 3 - During the game I called him our new Mullins. But that was evil. To Mullins. But Kovac do also tackle far to seldom, play too far from the players he should cover, can't pass a ball and looks sometimes like a grandmother out to shop but (by aliens) is transformed from the mall to the football field without knowing how. Was at fault for their first decisive goal and couldn't cover any ground at all. Sorry to say: May be our worst buy since Camara (who at least only was on loan).
Parker 5,5 - Parker in the game against Burnley may be the best performance I've ever seen from him. This was not close. Not at all. Started with his circles, and never got any further. I guess Scholes is a tougher opponent....
Junior Stanislas 5,5 - At least this guy tried a lot. Faded and did not well defensivly. Still I give him credit for his Energy and the ability is there somewhere.
Franco 6 - Isolated up front - and he is not the type of player to be - but moved well and fought.
Hines 6 - Sorry to see him injured as we all could see that when if sometimes failing he gave the defenders a hard time every time the ball was feeded to him. Off at halftime. One of our best player's so far. Was even was to fast for the referee... who missed how he was held down by the United defenders. Hope he'll be back very, very soon.

Diamanti 6 - Well, the Energy is there And we saw one really great freekick (do not mention the the others, please). We do like that someone take shots, but he has to learn to find his teammates as well. Now! When this guy learn how to be a teamplayer I will be very happy as he then can be the special player we all longing for.
Dyer 4 - Was he on?
Kurucz - Debut. Late sub, nothing to do.

Now it's time for Birmingham, a team that are much more solid than we are, and haven't lost for six PL games. So no easy points, not at all. Still we have to win three! Look at it brightly: Before the game against Fergie's men, we had a decent run as well. Please do not mention the goals we concede.... Do we have to be this fragile? How I can long for LBM!

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Allan said...

I'm dissapointed to read that Zola NOW admits that WH are in a relagation battle!

He should have known this from this seasons first game and got it over to the players. One thing Curbs was very good at was getting points in the bag from the early games; its almost to late now. We lost so many points due to poor player attitude - Zola has said that we will learn from mistakes - he's wrong in this league you have no games to play with.

Sorry to say that the future looks fizy pop to me. Hope I'm wrong but can see little to be positive about